Hitler's Hollywood
German Cinema in the Age of Propaganda

Hitler's Hollywood - German Cinema in the Age of Propaganda
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did not establish themes, particularly, but snapshots of things occurring in various different movies. helpful if you want the details of the movies made during the reich; less so if you're really trying to get any coherent sense of the culture and values it promoted through film.

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Narrator's voice seesaws from tolerable to creepy...and back.

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Film clips moves too fast & gets jumbled. Too many clips race by at speeds that you can't really follow. Did enjoy a few segments with Ingrid Bergman . Historical, yes. Enjoyable, EH.

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I did not find the film to be a particularly coherent statement about Nazi era films. Many of the films are worth seeking out. The Effie Briest film (whose title I forget), La Habanera, Der Mann der Sherlock Holmes war, Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7 come to mind. Of those Kanopy only offers La ...Read more

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HITLER'S HOLLYWOOD tells us this: a film is an excavation site upon a collective dreamscape. This haunting, dizzying, fascinating documentary illustrates the way cinema is a revelator of our unconscious desires, and indeed, of the ideology that shapes these desires.

Studying the long ...Read more

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