Hitting Home
A Critical Look into the Domestic Abuse Cycle

Hitting Home - A Critical Look into the Domestic Abuse Cycle
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Hitting Home: Part 1
In the first of a two part special, award-winning journalist Sarah Ferguson investigates the hidden issue of domestic violence by spending six months on the frontline of our national crisis.
Hitting Home: Part 2
In part two, award-winning journalist Sarah Ferguson examines how an abusive relationship escalates to violence, even to murder. What are the warning signs? What can be done to intervene?

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One Hit Leads to Another
The combination of detailed descriptions by abused women and great dramatizations helps both male and female viewers to understand the realities of spousal abuse, what motivates this kind of activity, and reveals the myths that surround it. Low self-esteem, rather than straight anger, is the central causal issue and the…
Time to Change
This dramatic sequel to ONE HIT LEADS TO ANOTHER is about treatment options for abusive men. This highly recommended program combines explanations from counselors with dramatic vignettes to clarify elemental self-esteem questions at the root of family violence. It also shows how violent parental behavior is often inherited by children,…
Finding Face - Breaking the Silence of Domestic Abuse
Finding Face details the controversial case of Tat Marina, who was attacked with acid in Cambodia in 1999. At 16, Marina was a rising star in Phnom Penh's karaoke music scene. She was coerced into an abusive relationship with Cambodia's Undersecretary of State, Svay Sitha, and subsequently attacked with acid.…
Power and Control - Domestic Violence in America
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Mixing dramatic vignettes with interviews, this program examines emotional abuse directed at women by their male partners. It's not about arguing or disagreeing; it is about chronic criticism, verbal degradation, intimidation and isolation imposed on women to keep them in a socially and emotionally unsupported position. The aim, and the…
Private Violence - Domestic Violence Survivors
This Emmy-nominated documentary explores a simple but deeply disturbing fact of American life: the most dangerous place for a woman in America is her own home. Every day in the U.S., at least four women are murdered by abusive (and often, ex) partners. Through the eyes of two survivors--Deanna Walters,…
Domestic Violence - Trigger Tapes
Three drama segments from the Quandary Domestic Violence TV show provide excellent scenarios for discussion.
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ABUSED is an emotional roller coaster ride showing the legal system at work raising the question of how we treat women who kill men that have abused them. 19 year old Susan Greenberg pled guilty to killing her alleged "boyfriend" and was sentenced to twenty-five years to life for first…
Domestic Violence
A woman and her children seek help from the police after she has been bashed by her husband. She is offered a refuge. In this sensitive program Victoria Nicolls explores the myths, the effects of violence on women and their children, the secrecy and the survival strategies. Meet victims, refuge…
Quandary - Domestic Violence
A woman has been beaten by her husband. Should neighbours, friends or police intervene? Should the woman leave and break up the family? If so, where can she go and how will she live? This one-hour TV show style program features psychologist Peter Quarry.
Breaking Our Silence - Gloucester Men Speak Out Against Domestic Abuse
This 11-minute documentary gives insight into the activist efforts of a group of men in the town of Gloucester, MA. Using footage from anti-violence marches and centering on community men speaking out against violence and domestic abuse, this video is an effective case study of how men can come together…
Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse
Domestic violence and abuse of the elderly can happen anywhere in big cities, small towns and the suburbs. It is a shameful problem, but unfortunately not a unique or new problem. Includes guidelines specific to healthcare.