Holy Motors

Holy Motors
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saw it once. need to see it again to decide what I think maybe in a few years. .if you want the avante garde, something different, this is it.
keeps you guessing. wierd eerie. person who was bored, I can understand. love it, hate it. it takes a while to even understand what is ...Read more

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Imagine, at the cost of a possible true reality television broadcast, you could have a professional actor with his or her array of makeup and theatrical techniques replace you in your most embarrassing, painful, violent, or just plain weird moments.

What of these actors asked to stand ...Read more

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A crazy episodic reverie that's reaching just as aggressively for your heart as for your subconscious, but maybe not grasping them equally. A man pretending to be a sewer monster bites off a woman's fingers while kidnapping Eva Mendes from a photo shoot, and that's only the third-weirdest ...Read more

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John Gregory

Brilliant almost disturbing, but that's life!

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This is a very boring "art film" that makes absolutely no sense. I don't understand the point of any of this. It was not entertaining to me. Just detached scenes that make no sense. Not an interesting character. Rollicking? No. Soulful? No. Stupid, inaccurate description.

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It seems to me that this was a pet project of the director. It is mostly divorced from reality as the lead character is driven around in a limousine to various "appointments." I kept wondering, who is paying this guy? Turns out, he is one of many, apparently. Some of the appointments were ...Read more

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What I love about this film is how the film feels like the whole story came straight out of someone's dream.

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Don't ask me why, but the accordion scene makes me cry like a baby.

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This film is unreal, I could watch Denis Lavant effortlessly switch from character to character for hours on end and never get bored. 10/10.

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