From Honey to Ashes

From Honey to Ashes
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From the Ikpeng Children to the World
Four Ikpeng children introduce us to life in their village. They show their families, their toys, and their celebrations with grace and lightheartedness. We meet the characters that make up their everyday world - from baby chickens to the village chief - and we see the children helping with chores,…
Myth of Naro as Told by Dedeheiwa
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
This film presents a version of a myth, different from the Myth of Naro as Told by Kaobawa, in narrative detail and also in the individual raconteur's style. The myth concerns the jealousy of Naro the Ugly toward his brother Yanomamo, who is fragrant and beautiful and has two wives.…
Tikal, the Mayan ceremonial center in the Peten lowlands of Guatemala, is famous for its pyramids and stelae. But surrounding the monuments, hidden in the jungle, are countless thousands of house mounds where a millennium ago, the worshippers and workers lived. This film focuses on the archaeology of one house…
Mi Chacra (My Land)
The film tells the story of a young indigenous Peruvian man who has lived his entire life, but for a few brief months, in a small farming village in the mountains above the Sacred Valley. Like everyone in his community, he has been raised as a farmer. And like many,…
The Ona People - Life and Death in Tierra del Fuego
Tierra del Fuego, "land of fire," was first discovered by Europeans early in the sixteenth century. A group of islands that had separated from the southern tip of the South American mainland long ago, Tierra del Fuego had probably been inhabited by different groups of Indians for at least 9000…
This film documents the lives of Quechua people who live around Ausangate, a sacred peak in southeastern Peru. It is based on anthropological research conducted over twenty years and reveals how the weavers make textiles encoded with symbolic images that reinforce ancestral beliefs during rituals and in everyday life. Four…
Yanomamo Collection
Filmmaker Timothy Asch and anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon collaborated to study and film the Yanomamo Indians. The setting for most of these films is the remote village of Mishimishimabowei-teri, a village whose history and inhabitants Chagnon knew well. Several figures in particular are outstanding: Moawa, a village headman and Dedeheiwa, another…
A Father Washes His Children
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
Dedeheiwa, a shaman and headman in his village, takes nine of his children and grandchildren to the river where he washes them carefully and patiently. This film, like A Man and His Wife Weave a Hammock and Weeding the Garden, reveals the warmth and gentleness typical of many kinds of…
Arrow Game
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
A group of boys engages in an arrow fight in the village clearing. They shoot blunt arrows, practicing their aim and learning to dodge the shots. This film is included on the Yanomamo Shorts compilation video. Filmmaker: Timothy Asch, Napoleon Chagnon
Bride Service
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
In this vignette from daily life, Dedeheiwa's son returns from hunting and brings a wild turkey and a basket of fruit for his father-in-law. He dumps the goods on the ground, since avoidance rules prohibit him from delivering them directly. Dedeheiwa shouts for someone to collect the offering, and the…
Children's Magical Death
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
Pretending to be shamans, a group of young boys imitates their fathers, blowing ashes into each other's noses and chanting to the hekura spirits. Filmmaker: Timothy Asch, Napoleon Chagnon
Climbing the Peach Palm
Part of the Series: Yanomamo Collection
The ingenuity of Yanomamo technology is revealed in the climbing frame used to scale the spiny trunk of the peach palm tree. Here a young man collects the fruit for his in-laws by means of two frames, each constructed of two crisscrossed poles. As he perches on one frame, he…