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James Franco delivers a fantastic performance of poet Allen Ginsberg. The obscenity jury trial had sensational results.

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They lost me at the first animation and the live action was flat. I tried but I couldn't do it.

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It's interesting that at 17 minutes in is where you see Shig Murao and only then in one of the archived articles about the trial that comes up on screen.

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Don Draper moonlighting as an attorney I see

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Sol Shine

I found the film inspiring for it's depiction of someone who wrote from pure unadulterated feeling, and who experienced both the backlash and popularity that his uninhibited poem manifested in both public discourse. I loved seeing Franco in the role and his take on a serious film.

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I saw and heard Ginsberg once at the Village Gate in New York. Franco’s recitations, his tone, his rhythm and so forth was, as I remember it, right on. He also captured Ginsberg’s amiability and good-natured persona, and the way he spoke and addressed the audience. I loved this movie and ...Read more

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The subject matter as a whole was pretty interesting and I was not upset with Franco's portrayal of Ginsberg. I was mostly just upset at the lack of a climax and the overwhelmingly underwhelming nature of the movie. Honestly I also felt that the animations ruined any kind of aesthetic the ...Read more

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I agree with the sentiment of the comment left by Sidney—James Franco read “Howl” with all the rhythm and feeling of an electrocardiogram. This film was made because actors who hadn’t worked in a while needed the money, and not because anyone was trying to make a poignant and interesting ...Read more

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If you like movies about poet-pedophiles then you're in luck.

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Franco has done _much_ better work- he's tone-deaf in this, and any sensitive lit student can read "Howl" with expression and meaning - strangely lacking in an experienced actor... also, I would never hire the also-tone-deaf director...

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