HR Strategy and Management Series

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HR Strategy and Management Series
Peter Wallbridge explains the life cycle of employees from recruitment to exit. * HR fundamentals * HR strategy * The HR lifecycle * The employment value proposition * Recruitment &…
HR Dashboard of Metrics and Analytics
Critical information about the people issues in business from Peter Wallbridge: * The value of the HR dashboard * Staff numbers * Staff turnover * Performance assessment data * Demographic…
Managing Recruitment Effectively
Peter Wallbridge explains how to prepare for and manage recruitment like a star: * Craft the position description * Refine the business story * Target the advertising * Use top…
Implementing Successful Training
Sadhana Smiles explains a systematic approach to training * Understand the business needs & skill gaps: * Design a training program * A blended learning approach * Engage & enthuse…
Reward and Remuneration
Peter Wallbridge explains the importance of ensuring fair and thorough strategy and policies: * Clarify principles & policy * Investigate competitive marketplace * Know your capacity to pay * What…
Performance Appraisals
Peter Wallbridge explains how we must ensure appraisals are conducted with best outcomes: * Ongoing development culture * Plan & agree on goals o KRAs: Key Result Areas o KPIs:…
Confidentiality Obligations by HR
Peter Walbridge provides an understanding confidentiality expectations: * The challenge of confidentiality * Personnel data & confidentiality * The expectation of confidentiality * Confidentiality obligations in employment contracts * Implement…
The Induction Promise
Peter Wallbridge questions the consistency of managers when they talk to new recruits: * Promises made during recruitment * Ten managers ... ten promises * Managers must present a consistent…

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Marketing Strategy Case Studies - The Starbucks Experience
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  • Retailing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Globalisation
Starbucks is the essential success story of the American capitalist dream. From humble beginnings in 1971 as a Seattle coffee store, it's become a multinational with over 21,000 outlets in 63 countries. Its brand is universally known. How did…
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Strategy Is Making Choices
What do we mean when we talk about business strategy? Start thinking more smartly about strategy with this introductory lecture that covers four key facts about competition and the two drivers of profitability: industry structure and competitive advantage.
Household Administration: Strategy & Safety
This program will take you through real world examples to help drive home organizational and interpersonal skills that will help you bring outstanding care to your clients.
Capabilities-Driven Strategy
Part of the Series: Stanford Executive Briefings
Most companies today face a fundamental problem: the disconnect between what they aspire to do and what they can actually accomplish. CEO's are worried about their differentiation in a world that is increasingly hard to compete in. But are they creating strategies without fully understanding what the organization is capable…
Investing Skill, Strategy, and Temperament
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Welcome to a boot camp on investing! Discover the influences that led Professor Longo to a career in finance. Then meet some of the major figures you will study in the course. Survey the key principles and strategies that built their fortunes.