Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Hunt For The Wilderpeople
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Loved it all around. Laughed and some tears too :(. Such a feel-good movie!

Anonymous picture

Incredibly enjoyed this!!!! Lots of laughs, adventure, also joyful tears. Great movie!

Anonymous picture

Wonderful movie. Like Wes Anderson's films but with way more heart. A new favorite.

Felix avatar

Hilarious and never predictable. Enjoy!

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Loved this movie. Funny, sweet and all around feel good movie.

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Funny, delightful, surprising film. Likeable characters, and some funny "bad guys." It tickled me. Stay Maori, baby!

Joseph avatar

Excellent flick, very loveable cast. Ricky Baker is one of my favorite characters of all time now.

"Shit just got real! Back up, homies, and let go of my uncle!" - Ricky, brandishing a small rifle.

Anonymous picture

This is such a fantastic movie. Clever, funny, great storyline, and on the whole, wholesome. If only more films were like this.

Anonymous picture

The Ricky Baker birthday song is my favourite scene. Great movie :)

Anonymous picture

We need more films like this! LIghthearted, witty, entertaining, great landscape, cinematography, lines, acting, directing - some action but not violence - make you feel good type of movie. Thank you Taika Waititi - please give us more. I watched BOY by the same director and loved it but ...Read more

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Nice movie. Even my kids 9 & 13 liked it

Anonymous picture

This is a great story. The landscape is beautiful, too.

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Maryel Solari

This is hilarious and good filmmaking too!

Anonymous picture

you seem to repeat your comments on different films. I will ignore you in the future....

Maryel Solari avatar
Maryel Solari

Well, I haven't even encountered you...

Anonymous picture

Hi, Maryel, I could be mistaken but I thought I saw your same comment on another movie, looked, but didn't find it. Excuse me, in any case. The movie was good and I enjoyed it. At any rate, we have encountered! Cheers. M

Anonymous picture

Very nice.

Anonymous picture

This is a good one! Great filming and editing, amazing cast and engaging story.

Anonymous picture

A beautiful film.

Jennifer avatar

What a great, but funny movie it was! I wish I had that much fun with some of my other relatives. Ricky and his uncle were on the run from the authorities, but had fun doing it.

Anonymous picture

Best movie I've seen in a long time.

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Loved it! Funny, beautiful, quirky... I particularly liked when the kid showed up in the end with only his top 2 buttons buttoned and Uncle told him a haiku.

Anonymous picture

This movie has a heart, but isn't soppy. It's also hilarious. There is violence. It isn't gratuitous, but it is jarring (like violence ought to be).

Goran avatar

What a great movie. The kid was great in Deadpool2 as well.

Anonymous picture

Slow at first, but very sweet and the pay off is so worth it. I thought I wouldn't be able to get over the New Zealand accents, but once I got into it Hick/Hec didn't bother me.

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Sweet movie, fun and the kid was incredible!

Anonymous picture

Loved this. Felt like I was with them every step of the delightful way.

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Looking forward to watching some new shows on this website! Thanks! JP CML

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This was a hilarious movie. "I was trying to tell you it was like Lord of the Rings." Died.

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Annette Marie

Loved it! Had to pause at the scene where Ricky is talking over to the Child Welfare woman over the ravine because I was laughing so much!

Her: I'm relentless. I'm like the Terminator
Him: I'm more like Terminator than you!
Her: I said it first - you're more like Sarah ...Read more

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Quirky and fun, great acting in beautiful vistas. Thought and heart-provoking, and I agree, majestical! One of my two favorites so far.

Anonymous picture

engaged start to finish, funny and insightful. gorgeous too. amazing acting.

Anonymous picture

This film is so funny for me and controversially so sad.

Anonymous picture

Great film. so original and very entertaining. best movie I have seen in a while. Quite MAJESTICAL !!!

Anonymous picture

Nice and adventurous movie, Ricky finally found a family.

Anonymous picture

Another violent predictable "family" movie

Anonymous picture

A wonderful gem of a film! Beautiful scenery and heartwarming story.

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This film has haikus.
Also Sam Neill, dogs, and laughs.
Touching moments, too.

Minami  avatar

Love this #haikumoviereview - it's so appropriate for this film!

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Enjoyable movie. Definitely worth watching more than once.

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Stay Maori!

Anonymous picture

Wonderful movie and the soundtrack is fantastic!

Anonymous picture

Great movie! Family is not always blood relatives.

Anonymous picture

Re-watched several times! I love this film.

Anonymous picture

Thought this was a really good movie

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Anonymous picture

A real gem. My go to movie for a good cheer up. fantastic

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Wonderful movie! The story, characters, and scenery are fantastic and it is altogether uplifting.

Anonymous picture

Great characters and scenery

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