Hunt For The Wilderpeople

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This movie has a heart, but isn't soppy. It's also hilarious. There is violence. It isn't gratuitous, but it is jarring (like violence ought to be).

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What a great movie. The kid was great in Deadpool2 as well.

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Slow at first, but very sweet and the pay off is so worth it. I thought I wouldn't be able to get over the New Zealand accents, but once I got into it Hick/Hec didn't bother me.

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Sweet movie, fun and the kid was incredible!

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Loved this. Felt like I was with them every step of the delightful way.

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Looking forward to watching some new shows on this website! Thanks! JP CML

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This was a hilarious movie. "I was trying to tell you it was like Lord of the Rings." Died.

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Annette Marie

Loved it! Had to pause at the scene where Ricky is talking over to the Child Welfare woman over the ravine because I was laughing so much!

Her: I'm relentless. I'm like the Terminator
Him: I'm more like Terminator than you!
Her: I said it first - you're more like Sarah ...Read more

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Quirky and fun, great acting in beautiful vistas. Thought and heart-provoking, and I agree, majestical! One of my two favorites so far.

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engaged start to finish, funny and insightful. gorgeous too. amazing acting.

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This film is so funny for me and controversially so sad.

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Great film. so original and very entertaining. best movie I have seen in a while. Quite MAJESTICAL !!!

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Nice and adventurous movie, Ricky finally found a family.

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Another violent predictable "family" movie

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A wonderful gem of a film! Beautiful scenery and heartwarming story.

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This film has haikus.
Also Sam Neill, dogs, and laughs.
Touching moments, too.

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Love this #haikumoviereview - it's so appropriate for this film!

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Enjoyable movie. Definitely worth watching more than once.

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Stay Maori!

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Wonderful movie and the soundtrack is fantastic!

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Great movie! Family is not always blood relatives.

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Re-watched several times! I love this film.

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Thought this was a really good movie

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A real gem. My go to movie for a good cheer up. fantastic

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Wonderful movie! The story, characters, and scenery are fantastic and it is altogether uplifting.

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Great characters and scenery

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Touching film about living on the fringes, being lost and being found....being truly seen by another. A love story!

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My new favorite movie! 'Majestical' indeed!

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Taika Waititi never fails to make an enjoyable film.

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A good, funny film with beautiful scenery and good acting. If there is one thing I didn't like was the "big" ending to the chase. I much preferred the "small" ending that happened later on.

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I see it as a nod to the Mad Max films from NZ's neighbor to the west.

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I absolutely adored this movie. So heartfelt and well-written.

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Really delightful film. Enjoyed by adults and 13 year olds!

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It's been great to see this NZ gem being so well embraced across America. A really fun film and I recommend it for a good night in.

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A bit drawn out but made up for it with a good cast, beautiful New Zealand backdrop, and decent soundtrack.

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A great film by Taika Waititi, who's becoming very well known for his films. This one was a joy, and you never knew where it was going and where it would end up. It was surprising from beginning to end. Don't miss it -- it's a quirky treat!

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what a treat

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Amazing film! I loved it!

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happy so far

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Excellent Wilderpeople movie. I enjoy the selections on Kanopy. Thank you

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A delightful film that manages to work through tough issues with a humorous touch. A good family film for kids 12+. Really glad to see this available.

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What a fun and sweet movie. Friendship and love overcome deep loneliness. Great movie!

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Such a sweet & fun film. The cast is great, Sam Neill is one of my all time favorite actors, Rima Te Wiata (also seen in the great NZ horror film Housebound) is lovely and Julian Dennison was effectively lovable and hilarious. Taika Waititi is such an excellent director, I'm a big fan of ...Read more

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Loved this movie!!!!!! MUST SEE!!!!!

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Seriously comedic, most satisfying Epilogue.

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