Hunting and Gathering
Ensemble, c'est tout

Hunting and Gathering - Ensemble, c'est tout
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This film grows on you as the characters grow.

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Very enjoyable French film (yes, in French with option of English subtitles). A sweet story with some romance and generosity of heart.

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Un garçon avec un coeur d'or on n'en voit pas souvent... c'est si beau.

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The love story is the weakest part but that is 100 % ok because the film has so much going for it in so many heart warming and uplifting ways. Since my mom had a stroke and we have had to do home care for her this movie hit me right in the feels. Audrey Tautou is a goddess and great as ...Read more

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A very beautiful and touching story. Loved it.

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Event though this is a modern story, it presents good morale. Unlike so many others. Of course there are so many good things about this film that have been so well expressed by others here.

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oh my what an absolutely delightful surprise of a film.....don't rely on the doesn't meet the film 1/100th of the way......fantastique!

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Reading the synopsis, it would be easy to assume that this is a "cuddle up feel good" movie. It has that air to it, but the characters are too well developed and the actors too skilled to let it turn into something of that ilk. Canet (I didn't realize how many times I've seen him as an actor ...Read more

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J'aime trop ce film, et sa musique.

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Select the caption off if you don't want to have both English and French subtitle. Compared to Amelie, I think the storyline for this one is not so fluent. Some emotional transformation of characters were not so nature to me. But I think this movie is really relax to watch, little bit stories ...Read more

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Absolutely delightful. I usually don’t like to watch subtitles on my iPad but was so engaged with the characters and story it did not interfere Each character was unique with a story of difficult childhoods yet found a common denominator that brought them all together. Inspiring seeing a ...Read more

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