I Am Another You
Portrait of an American Drifter

I Am Another You - Portrait of an American Drifter
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Can anyone imagine if Nanfu Wang had followed a person of any other race? No. The documentary would have ended in two seconds, upon Nanfu realizing Americans don't treat homeless people of color with any dignity whatsoever. Let alone buy them food and hand them cash. Dylan Olsen is an ...Read more

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"I am Another You," is not a predictable film about a homeless person. But, powerfully reflects on aspects of individual liberty that dominate society so often cruelly misconceives. The film indirectly touches on many faulty social constructs that deny or ignore more expansive human ...Read more

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complex and beautiful film -- I am glad I stuck with it and that Nanfu Wang also stuck with it, and pieced together the whole story. Senstively and beautifully done.

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The first act was interesting but I started to wonder if this was the film for me as the subject's "choice" seemed selfish. Glad I stuck with it as it is really an excellent film and a very well told story.

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Amazing amazing film.

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