I Dream in Another Language
Sueño en otro idioma

I Dream in Another Language - Sueño en otro idioma
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films like this are above and beyond anything hollywood. such a poignant, important, and remarkable film. the cinematography and the setting was magical and so lush, it was as though the screen itself was breathing with life. unforgettable and deep in so many ways. one of the best films i've ...Read more

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gorgeous and profound

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wonderful, interesting movie

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I enjoyed the movie. I liked how language, culture and feelings are connected and integrated in the movie. Disfrute mucho esta pelicula. Lo que mas me gusto fue la integracion del leguage, la cultura y los sentimientos.

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Great cinematography, engaging story very well done theme.

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Beautiful, engaging, well crafted film about love, loss, language(s), individual relationships and their continuing effects - and even creation of- cultures - or risking the loss or end of cultures. The cinematography of the central American jungle and its environs almost feel too brief and ...Read more

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beautiful. does anyone know the area this was filmed? I know it is veracruz, but looking for specific.

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It was filmed in San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz. A beautiful film indeed

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Oh! my poor heart could barely handle it.

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Jessica - the same for me.

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Moving movie that explores different facets of human beings, language, culture, and community.

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I love this movie ---- moving and beautiful.

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Beautiful movie! love the pace and scenery!

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Excellent film!

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A wonderful, multi-layered story. Highly recommended!

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