I Dream of Wires

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Anyone interested in the history of music, technology, and the intersection of music and technology should watch I DREAM OF WIRES. It features fascinating interviews with pioneers - new and old - and quite interestingly presents a great case study of the economics of mass production and ...Read more

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Was modern electronic house music born in the 60s?

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Stuart Favilla (The Bent Leather Band) One of Australia's most innovative and creative musicians, Stuart Favilla specialises in synthesiser/ computer music performance. He has been recognised internationally both for his talent and for the innovations he has contributed to this field. Stuart has toured with Joanne Cannon to Denmark and…
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Jamesie, King of Scratch - A Spirited Musical Journey to the U. S. Virgin Islands
79-year old James Brewster is an uncompromising musician from the Caribbean island of St. Croix known for his humorous, provocative and playful compositions and lively performances. Scratch band music, also known as Quelbe, is an indigenous, grass-roots form of folk music that originated over a century ago in the U.S.…