I Heart Ms. Strich / Mind Games

I Heart Ms. Strich / Mind Games
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Franklin and the Gecko Games / Franklin's All Ears
Franklin and the Gecko Games: Franklin and Beaver compete to be Gordon the Gecko's sitter. Franklin's All Ears: Franklin and Snail do some snooping and think their friends are planning a party.
Auntie Hen Minds Chickens / Play Ball / Lucy's Okay
Episode 11 of Little Bear Season 2
Auntie Hen Minds Chickens: Little Bear comes to Hen's aid when her nieces and nephews wreak havoc in her tidy house as she prepares to have guests for Lunch. Play Ball: Little Bear, grumpy at the loss of his favorite ball, finds his friends using it to start a game…
Badou's Best Adventure / The Council Of Crowns
Badou's Best Adventure: Badou is on quest with Babar. The Council Of Crowns: Andi is left our of the Council of Crowns.
Saving Sleek / The Wrong Roar
Saving Sleek: Badou learns that bragging is not hero like. The Wrong Roar: Badou roars like a real lion in a play.
The Elefan Club / Sloggy Boggy
The Elefan Club: Badou saves General Huc's life. Sloggy Boggy: A Slog moster scares the Crocs.
Avast Chance / Who's The Boss
Avast Chance: Badou tries to find a secret pirate camp. Who's The Boss: Badou learns that bossiness is not helpful.
Prank Prince / Starbreaker
Prank Prince: Badou is blamed for practical jokes. Starbreaker: Jake thinks he caused a shooting star to crash.
Brawler Boot Camp / Celeste Rocks
Brawler Boot Camp: Munroe becomes a Boss Brawler Bodyguard. Celeste Rocks: Badou invites Zawadi on hike.
Flying Blind / There's A Sap For That
Flying Blind: Badou must fly to Monkeyville. There's A Sap For That: Badou must find a stickersap tree.
Banana Shenanigans / Monkeyville Zoom
Banana Shenanigans: Badou must replace Lady Rataxe's birthday sculpture. Monkeyville Zoom: Badou learns that safety is more inportant than winning.
Totem Talkers / The Wisdom Toad
Totem Talkers: Badou wants to find the Truth Talkers Totem. The Wisdom Toad: Crocodylus lies to become Boss of the Slogs.
Chillesteville / Captain Crewless
Chillesteville: Chiku's skating rink-making machine is out of control. Captain Crewless: Badou regrets going on adventure alone.