I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother
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Whether one encounters the title in French or English "J'ai tué ma mère" or "I Killed My Mother", respectively, the curious viewer can be forgiven for thinking that the content must be, at worst, an exaggeration. Indeed, what would cause a minor to harbor such an action?, one might ask. The ...Read more

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I love Xavier Dolan, of the ones I've been able to see my favorite remains "Lawrence, Anyways", a true masterpiece. I am usually weary of the modern cult of the "young genius", which in most cases is a fabricated and passing trend, but this artist is the real thing: funny, poignant, not ...Read more

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A very realistic and at times funny portrayal of a love-hate relationship between a teenage son and his ill-equipped, suburban mother. Really good acting, interesting imagery and creative transitions. The mother /son interactions are at a constant high pitch and can be exhausting at times yet ...Read more

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This movies gives an interesting look into the world of someone with anixety. Watching the relationship of the mother son and then the tragic ending keeps the watcher engaged and wanting more. I think this film was made perfect for showing someone with anxiety.

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what tragic ending??

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This movie encapsulates the angsty mother son relationship very well I'd say. While a bit over the top at times the relationship Hubert has with his mother is ambiguous, flawed, and as we saw at the end still important to both of them. I thought it was interesting how my perspective on Hubert ...Read more

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I thought that this movie was pretty good. Throughout the movie you constantly feel torn about how Hubert feels about his mother. One minute I actually believe that he hates her, and the next minute you can feel the emotions and you know that he will always love his mother even when things ...Read more

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After watching Mommy, my hopes were very high for this movie and Dolan certainly delivered. It feels more earnest and less interesting around certain parts, but overall it was a very tender and emotional film about the complexities of the mother-son dynamic.

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Dolan is fantastic. Mommy to me seemed to be more refined (which isn't really surprising since this is his debut) but they both are beautiful aesthetic-wise and really pack an emotional punch. Glad I finally got around to watching this one. Too bad the sound is a bit damaged here but it ...Read more

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I am conservative and from the old school where people did not express the liberties they do today regarding disrespect for elders, great profanity and open sexuality. Based on my background and experiences, the film touched home and for me, not too entertaining but was heart wrenching. ...Read more

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I saw this wonderful narrative features years ago at a Film Society of Lincoln Center series in New York, and am delighted to discover here on Kanopy. This is a perfect example of innovative story-telling and filmmaking, with stunning performances by a beautiful young cast. I recommend it ...Read more

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