I Was Born in Mexico, But…
Growing Up Undocumented in America

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It's inspiring and thought-provoking. As an international student, I'm always thinking about immigrants' segregation and integration. This video really helps.

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Dear Tingting, I had been wondering if the film would resonate with people outside of the U.S., so it was great to receive your comment that you found it relevant to your own experiences as an international student in Australia. Thank you for writing and best of luck to you!

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The use of old movies and newsreels was brilliant. It shows how long the stereotypes have existed and how they still exist. These are images we grew up with. It's sad how little that kind of thinking has changed. Good work!

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Thank you Joann- I wanted to show that aside from being undocumented, this young woman also felt marginalized within our consumer culture for not having the money to buy a lot of things, and for being Mexican. I was hoping that the images from the educational films helped convey that. I ...Read more

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This is a compelling story of a young person determined to exert her identity apart from labels & political policy, but at the mercy of factors beyond her control nonetheless. Highly recommend this short film!

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Thanks for programming I Was Born in Mexico, But… at the Santa Cruz Public Library along with Life, Deferred (Vida Diferida)! We really enjoyed the post-screening discussion we had with your community about immigration, the DREAM Act and DACA.

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Wonderful film that shares a story so relevant to myself and my community here in the Bay Area!

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Thanks Timoteo! Wanted to let you know that I Was Born in Mexico, But… is now available to stream on Kanopy through the San Francisco Public Library, so please share it with your SF friends :)

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"I showed this to my film production class at Syracuse University. It's a timely topic and the film has a really interesting style. Recommended!" Kara Herold Assistant Professor in Film Syracuse University

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Thanks for showing the film at Syracuse!

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Tells an important story - evocatively so - of the undocumented youth who rarely get a platform from which to speak or be heard. My students loved it!

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Because she is undocumented and doesn’t want people to know her status, the subject of my documentary wished to remain anonymous. In trying to figure out how I was going to tell her story visually, I experimented with using found footage from vintage advertisements and old educational ...Read more

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