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Deeply moving. I thought the fact that it was shot in black and white was an unusual decision, but it served to enhance the movie far more than I expected. Does a great job of really making you feel the effect of WWII on those who survived, especially due to the emptiness of the city. The ...Read more

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This was a very powerful movie. The slow pace, although excruciating at times, worked to reflect and emphasize the main conflict of the film, which was Ida's internal struggle and immense self-reflection. The new information about her family, her past, and herself not only shocks her but ...Read more

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Saw it at the theater and loved it. Questions what constitutes a life as in "Get a Life", especially when such lives were torn through so easily by fear, violence, hatred and the evil of Nazism then Stalinism. It's a moral teeter-totter offered to young Ida who has survived, but for what?

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Brilliant masterpiece. "And me. Why am I not here?", one of the most devastating quotes in cinema history.

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Beautifully powerful.

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Tediously slooow moving.

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loved it!

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Plot is flawed. Not believable. First he tells the father the daughter is alive. Then she's dead..........? The French kill me with their movies.

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Very good movie, saw it at tiff and loved it. Still feel the same about it. Really good, loved the ending.

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Short and sweet (but not sweet the way you might regularly infer). Overall a very solid movie. The cinematography was what particularly stood out for me. Very beautifully composed shots. The DOPs really put their stamp on this film and it's a collectors stamp at that.

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It wasn't emotionally cold; it treated the emotions as something that demands distance lest we lose ourselves -- which is the world as we know it -- in those emotions. Ida doesn't need a tutorial from anyone about emotions. A wonderful film for the direction and acting. Silence, lust, ...Read more

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Good not great. Emotionally cold. Visually pleasing.

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Very lovely film. Surprise (but not comprehensible) ending -- which can be a plus or a minus, depending on how one perceives the vagaries of life decisions.

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I don't really know what to say. All of these shots are so hauntingly beautiful...I want to see this film over and over again. I love, I love, I love.

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Outstanding. Rarely do films take the moment to contemplate on the unspoken spaces between people and the need for silence. The framing is impeccable; everything feels static, fleeting, distant, as if every piece of human emotion is sequestered to a corner while the weight of religion and ...Read more

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Beautiful film!

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