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It's rather obvious that this Eda was never fit for a religious life.
I'm not sure where she got that funny idea.....

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pawlikowski may have a hard-on for people committing suicide in B&W in post-ww2 Poland but I'm kinda into it

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A piece of art and sorrow. The well deserved Oscar.

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Sublime and beautiful.

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It doesn't get much bleaker than this.

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This artfully produced film is about many things but for me the most salient narrative is about how its easier not to face the realities and complexity of the world and instead give up your soul to hide in the world of a bankrupt religion.

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Mesmerizingly beautiful!

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Lovely, moving, well done....

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excellent film-subtle development and devastating consequences of the aftermath of ww2

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This is quality film making.
The stark beauty of it's images.
The indictment of Polish complicity in the Holocaust.
The critique of Communism.
An ending with a microcosm of life and a sense of Christian love and forgiveness.

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Wow. Stunning. I loved the still-like, photographic quality of the images, juxtaposed with the sudden shakiness of the hand-held at the end - like leafing through a dusty old tissue-layered black and white photo album and suddenly closing it as she moves from the past to the future. Spare yet ...Read more

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Deeply moving. I thought the fact that it was shot in black and white was an unusual decision, but it served to enhance the movie far more than I expected. Does a great job of really making you feel the effect of WWII on those who survived, especially due to the emptiness of the city. The ...Read more

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This was a very powerful movie. The slow pace, although excruciating at times, worked to reflect and emphasize the main conflict of the film, which was Ida's internal struggle and immense self-reflection. The new information about her family, her past, and herself not only shocks her but ...Read more

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Saw it at the theater and loved it. Questions what constitutes a life as in "Get a Life", especially when such lives were torn through so easily by fear, violence, hatred and the evil of Nazism then Stalinism. It's a moral teeter-totter offered to young Ida who has survived, but for what?

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Brilliant masterpiece. "And me. Why am I not here?", one of the most devastating quotes in cinema history.

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Beautifully powerful.

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Tediously slooow moving.

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loved it!

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Plot is flawed. Not believable. First he tells the father the daughter is alive. Then she's dead..........? The French kill me with their movies.

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Polish Phil, not French. Did you hear anyone, at any point in the film, speak French? I suspect there might be a few more details that you missed in that film.

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Very good movie, saw it at tiff and loved it. Still feel the same about it. Really good, loved the ending.

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Short and sweet (but not sweet the way you might regularly infer). Overall a very solid movie. The cinematography was what particularly stood out for me. Very beautifully composed shots. The DOPs really put their stamp on this film and it's a collectors stamp at that.

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It wasn't emotionally cold; it treated the emotions as something that demands distance lest we lose ourselves -- which is the world as we know it -- in those emotions. Ida doesn't need a tutorial from anyone about emotions. A wonderful film for the direction and acting. Silence, lust, ...Read more

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Good not great. Emotionally cold. Visually pleasing.

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Very lovely film. Surprise (but not comprehensible) ending -- which can be a plus or a minus, depending on how one perceives the vagaries of life decisions.

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I don't really know what to say. All of these shots are so hauntingly beautiful...I want to see this film over and over again. I love, I love, I love.

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Outstanding. Rarely do films take the moment to contemplate on the unspoken spaces between people and the need for silence. The framing is impeccable; everything feels static, fleeting, distant, as if every piece of human emotion is sequestered to a corner while the weight of religion and ...Read more

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Beautiful film!

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