The Immigrant
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies

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A silent romantic short comedy that remains so relevant to the immigrant experience in America today.

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The Floor Walker
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
The Floorwalker, Chaplin's first film under his landmark contract with Lone Star-Mutual, has embezzlement as its subject. Chaplin's inspiration for the film came while he and his brother Sydney were in New York City negotiating his contract with Mutual. While walking up Sixth Avenue at Thirty-third Street, Chaplin saw a…
The Fireman
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
In Chaplin's second effort for Mutual, he portrays an inept firefighter at Fire Station 23. Charlie, still asleep, mistakes a drill bell for a fire alarm and single-handedly drives out the horse-drawn fire engine. When he discovers his error, he simply backs up the engine into the fire station, with…
The Vagabond
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
The Vagabond, Chaplin's third Mutual film, was an important step in Chaplin's career, in which he interweaves pathos as an integral part of the comedy. He imposed an unlikely happy ending on The Vagabond, in which the gypsy drudge demands that the car she is being taken away be turned…
One A.M.
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
One A.M., Chaplin's fourth Mutual, is an impressive piece of virtuosity, a solo performance except for a brief appearance by Albert Austin as a taxi driver. The film is a tour de force of Chaplin's superb pantomime and comic creativity performed in a restricted space, a brilliant experiment that he…
The Count
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
The fifth film in the Mutual series, The Count, further develops the situations of films in which Charlie impersonates a man of means in order to underscore the contrast between rich and poor--one of his favorite themes.
The Pawnshop
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
In the sixth Mutual film, Charlie is a pawnbroker's assistant in a pawnshop that evokes the London of Chaplin's childhood. The film is rich in comic transposition, a key element to Chaplin's genius. The apex of such work in the Mutuals is the celebrated scene in The Pawnshop in which…
The Rink
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
Chaplin's eighth film for Mutual, The Rink, is one of his most popular comedies. Charlie is an inept waiter who prepares the bill of Mr. Stout (Eric Campbell) by examining the soup, spaghetti, melon stains and other remnants on the sloppy eater's shirt front, tie, and ear.
Easy Street
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
Easy Street, his ninth film for Mutual and the most famous of the twelve, Chaplin ordered the first of the T-shaped street sets to be built that he would consistently utilize to provide a perfect backdrop to his comedy. The look and feel of Easy Street evoke the South London…
The Cure
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
The Cure, the tenth film in the series, is perhaps the funniest of the Mutuals. It was partly inspired in its setting by the Fred Karno sketch, The Hydro, which was set in a hydrotherapy clinic.
The Adventurer
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies
The most popular of the Mutuals, The Adventurer begins and ends with a chase. It is the fastest-paced film of the series, and although it has more slapstick than Easy Street and The Immigrant, it is redeemed by its construction, characterization, and Chaplin's balletic grace.
Fantomas in the Shadow of the Gullotine
Based on the phenomenally popular French pulp novellas, Louis Feuillade's outrageous, ambitious Fantomas series became the gold standard of espionage serials in pre-WWI Europe and laid the foundation for such immortal works as Feuillade's own Les Vampires and Fritz Lang's Dr. Mabuse films. In the first of the series of…
A Fool There Was
The original "Vamp," Theda Bara stars as an exotic temptress who lures a once faithful man away from his wife. Only a handful of Bara's films survive today, but this is the drama for which she is best remembered. The film shocked audiences and brought something unexpected to the silent…