The Immigrant Experience: The Long, Long Journey

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The Masses and the Millionaires - The Homestead Strike
A startlingly realistic program recreates the bloody strike at the Carnegie Street Company in 1892 through the experiences of an Irish labor organizer and a Slav coal heaver. From the stark portrayals of the workers' living and working conditions to their final dramatic stand against overwhelming odds at Andrew Carnegie's…
American Revolution: The Impossible War
In this sequel to The Cause of Liberty, John Laurens (Michael Douglas) joins the Revolutionary Army while his father, Henry, struggles on the political front as president of the First Continental Congress. John fights at Germantown, experiences the discouragement of Valley Forge, and obtains French support for the Colonists. He…
Medieval England - The Peasants' Revolt
The men and women of the Middle Ages existed in a condition of virtual slavery under an oppressive system until at last they could not -- and would not -- endure suffering any longer. Although their rebellion of 1381 climaxed in tragedy, it signaled the beginning of the end of…
The Jackson Years: Toward Civil War
The forceful personality of Old Hickory (Andrew Jackson) dominates this investigation of the major events of his presidential administration -- South Carolina's threat of succession, Nat Turner's rebellion, and John Quincy Adams' struggle to debate the question of slavery -- all as America marches toward civil war. "A textbook made…
The Puritan Experience: Forsaking England
Here's a "beautifully photographed, well-edited program which uses the experience of the Higgins family to represent the lives of approximately 20,000 Puritans who, in the 1630s, were so thoroughly harassed by the Church of England that they decided to migrate to the American colonies in hope of finding religious freedom.…
The Witches of Salem: The Horror and the Hope
Based on historical records, this program shows how the hysterical behavior of a few young girls set off the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692. "Vividly recreated, yet with taste and restraint. Students will certainly favor this production. ... with a little imaginative homework, public libraries and church groups will find…
A Slave's Story - Running a Thousand Miles to Freedom
Based on a slave narrative by William and Ellen Craft. This dramatization of the Crafts' escape from slavery in 1848 follows their perilous journey from the Deep South to Philadelphia--where, on free soil, they were still to experience racial discrimination. "Excellent for exposing racial stereotypes."--History Teacher. An LCA release. Honored…
Pompeii - Once There Was a City
By juxtaposing life in the ancient city with the quality of life in contemporary America, this graphic program poses a timeless question--has humankind learned anything from the past? An LCA release. Awards: Columbus Film Festival
Andrew Carnegie: The Gospel of Wealth
Actor Bramwell Fletcher stars as the paradoxical Andrew Carnegie in a drama that's both a fascinating portrait of the tycoon-philanthropist and an insightful look at the power games of big business. An LCA release. Awards: Columbus Film Festival
The Middle Ages - A Wanderer's Guide to Life and Letters
Journey into the life and letters of the Middle Ages through the literature of Dante and Chaucer. With the help of an outstanding cast of British actors, part of the morality play Everyman is performed, romance is presented through quotations from Dante's Love Sonnets, and a woman's lot is depicted…
Charlemagne - Holy Barbarian
This dramatic reenactment of a crucial turning point in medieval history -- when Charlemagne must decide to what lengths he will go to subdue the Saxons -- reveals both sides of his fascinating character: the great civilizer and the implacable barbarian. An LCA release. Awards: Oakland Film Festival
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Powerfully acted, with rich production values and authentic settings, this exciting program focuses on the dynamic Otto von Bismarck--by turns Machiavellian, affectionate, ruthless, bullying, cajoling--as he engineers the events that will ultimately achieve the unification of Germany. An LCA release. Awards: Chicago, Columbus Film Festivals