Impact of Tourism: Thailand
Part of the Series: Sustainable Tourism Collection

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Sustainable Tourism Collection
Sustainable tourism minimised any impact on the environment and local culture of tourist destinations, creating a sustainable local tourist economy.
Bangkok - Mega City in the Developing World
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a fascinating case study of a large city in the developing world. With around 10 million people as the city enters the 21st century, this is a mega city with a mix of traditional and Western land uses. The program covers the main activities…
Impact of Tourism: Kenya
Part of the Series: Sustainable Tourism Collection
Tourism is Kenya's third largest source of income. Last year alone, more than half a million tourists spent their holidays here. But what don't the tourists see? MASAI MARA: The Masai Mara is one of the best-known game parks in the world. All around the game park, mock villages have…
The Struggle For Sustainable Tourism
Part of the Series: Sustainable Tourism Collection
The People of Santa Lucia, a farming community on the slopes of the Andes, were forced to abandon their traditional way of life because of laws brought in to protect the cloud forest where they live. THE ECO LODGE: Before, they were destroyers of the forest. Now, they have learned…
Impact Of Tourism: Majorca
Part of the Series: Sustainable Tourism Collection
Majorca has given millions of people cheap holidays and brought prosperity for Majorcans -- but at a cost. There is heavy hotel development on the coast and there are outsiders buying second homes inland. There's too much traffic and not enough water. Farming has declined, leaving people dependent on tourism.…
Impact of Tourism: Amazon
Part of the Series: Sustainable Tourism Collection
Brazil now actively promotes the Amazon to tourists to bring money and jobs to locals. But how will tourism affect this environmentally vital area? And what form will tourism take? One option is "nature tourism". In the Amazon Ariau Towers, walkways give visitors a unique view of the rainforest and…
World Tourism Case Studies
Tourism is a huge global industry which is having a major impact on the economy, culture and environment of many different countries. Five films explore examples from across the world.
A Right to Belong
While once a dormant issue in Thailand, the inability to gain citizenship has developed into a problem that affects over 400,000 people in its low-income mountain regions. Recognizing citizenship among a nation is a basic human right, however the people of the mountain region - referred to as "Hill Tribes"…
Thailand - Do Good Receive Good, Do Evil Receive Evil
Part of the Series: Asian Insight
Thailand has never known colonial rule. The Thai people are their own masters. There is little evidence of the kind of social organisations that modern western societies have found necessary to develop. This program attempts to analyse the mechanisms that hold Thailand together and examine the historical and cultural background…
Our Asian Neighbours - Thailand
Our Asian Neighbours is a series of films that aims to convey everyday life in Asia and promote greater understanding of often complex societies. This series is devoted to Thailand and brings to life its people and their culture. Each program captures the lifestyle of a different individual in their…
Hit Man File
Equal parts violent and sensual, HIT MAN FILE is a flashy new Asian action film with a distinctive Thai identity.
The Victim
Ting is an aspiring actress who dreams of becoming famous. One day the police ask her to help solve a murder case by portraying the victim in the reenactment of the crime. Ting relishes the opportunity and is quickly asked to recreate fatal experiences of other victims. Now a local…