Induction Series - Part 3

Induction Series - Part 3
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Fire Prevention
Provides prevention measures to minimise the risk of fire in the workplace. Also discusses the various classes of fires and extinguisher types.
Forklift Safety
Identifies potential hazards for both drivers and pedestrians for forklift use, and provides tips and safety checks for licensed operators.
Handheld Power Tools
Highlights worker responsibilities when using power tools and outlines the most common injuries caused with their use.
Harassment & Bullying
Viewers will learn what is and what isn't bullying, worker responsibilities and steps that should be taken if you are the victim of bullying.
Hazard Identification & Risk Control
Examines the components of a hazard management program and how the hierarchy of control is implemented to control the risks.
Hazardous Substances
Identifies the various forms chemicals come in, how they can enter our bodies, and guidelines for working with hazardous products.

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