Influencing & Sales Skills Series

Seven Dimensions
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Can I help you?
Engage customers from the first moment. Pete Williams discusses: * Service turn off * Pattern interrupt * Body language & tone * Engage from the start * Offer practical assistance…
Developing Sales Capabilities
Sadhana Smiles explains the key ingredients for developing your sales people: * Hire the right people * The value of a work test * Hire for attitude * Set a…
Lobbying and Influence
Maria Deveson-Crabbe explains how to effectively lobby for change: * Preparing to lobby * Overcoming challenges * Achieving through persistence * Approaching success
Skills For Lobbying Government
Find out some useful ways to lobby for change from Angela Perry and Eve Ash: * Who are your stakeholders? * Media is a starting point * Find experts &…

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The Power of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini
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