Inside The Louvre
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 1

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Museum Secrets Series 1
The incredible stories behind the world's greatest treasures Why is a Vatican masterpiece covered in heretical graffiti? How does the Louvre protect the Mona Lisa? Why did Napoleon commission a painting full of lies? Museum Secrets travels to the world's most famous museums in search of weird, wonderful, amazing and…
Inside the Palacio Real, Madrid
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 3
Both a museum and the official palace of the Spanish royal family, the Palacio Real features armour, artworks and treasures that were once the private possessions of Spain's kings and queens. Inside the Palacio Real, Madrid, we discover that Spain reached its height of glory not through the acquisition of…
Inside the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 3
Visited by a million people every year, the Israel Museum features the most extensive collection of biblical and Holy Land archaeology in the world. Inside the Israel Museum we investigate a heel bone with a nail through it that has the power to change the accepted image of Christ's crucifixion.…
Inside the Chateau of Versailles
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 3
What was once a royal palace is now a museum of French culture and history attracting 3 million visitors every year. Inside the Chateau of Versailles, we take a Musketeer training course to discover the real man behind the fictional D'Artagnan. We find out why Champagne bubbles (and if it's…
The Mysteries of Nefertiti
With her almond-shaped eyes and striking cheekbones, Queen Nefertiti is regarded as a symbol of female beauty. Her bust is one of the most iconic images in the world -- a crowd puller, attracting 500,000 visitors every year to the Altes Museum in Berlin. But have we all been misled?…
Museum Secrets Series 3
The incredible stories behind the world's greatest treasures In each episode, Museum Secrets travels to one extraordinary museum, revealing the stories of irreplaceable treasures, probing familiar legends and using cutting edge research and technology to investigate the unknown. Combining revelations about things we all recognise with surprises about things we've…
Sarcophagus Cover of Pakal at Palenque
Nestled in the foothills of southern Mexico is one of the most magical and hauntingly beautiful archaeological sites in the world. Here, one of the richest tombs in the New World was discovered, and its marvelous artifacts--particularly King Pakal's sarcophagus cover--provide insights into the myths and religion of the ancient…
Inside the National Maritime Museum, London
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 3
The National Maritime Museum collection allows visitors to trace the origins of British sea power, its accomplishments in the age of empire, and its consequences in the world today. Inside the National Maritime Museum, London, we fire musket balls at Lord Nelson to discover who really killed him. We join…
Moche Earspools—Miniature Masterpieces
Go inside the Moche society in ancient Peru and marvel at the beautiful metal jewelry discovered in the Sipan tombs. Beyond the beauty and the sophisticated metalwork of the Moche earspools, the tomb of Sipan gives us a window into Moche society--including sacrificial ceremonies once believed to be purely mythical.
Inside the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 2
The Kunsthistorisches Museum is a treasury of antiquities and weaponry collected by the royal family known as the Habsburgs - a dynasty that ruled much of Europe for 500 years. In this episode, we visit the crypt that entombs many generations of the Habsburg royal family, then meet a geneticist…
Inside the Bardo Museum, Tunisia
Part of the Series: Museum Secrets Series 3
Established within a 19th Century palace, the museum features thousands of artefacts from excavations carried out throughout Tunisia, that date from the nation's Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Inside the Bardo Museum, Tunisia, we expose Hollywood myths about Roman Gladiators, then find out if historical reports of child sacrifice…
Greek Pottery
These superb examples from the Louvre in Paris show the development of Greek vases, their variations of shape and size and the techniques used in their decoration. Oddly enough, of all classical Greek art the frail pots, urns and vases have endured the best, and they are of the greatest…