The Inspiration Series: All in the Family

The Inspiration Series: All in the Family
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Radio Flyer "Taking Flight"
Dumped at grandpa's house by his busy dad, a young boy soon discovers spending time with this old guy leads to amazing adventures.
Help Refugees "The Journey"
The emotional true story of one refugee family's tragic loss and their flight to safety - as directed by a fellow refugee.
BBC "The Supporting Act"
An overworked single dad redeems himself when his daughter's stage fright threatens to destroy her chances at the talent show.
Fertility Network "Waiting"
A woman recounts her struggles with infertility and how trusting family and friends with the news helped alleviate the pain.
NSPCC "Pete's Story"
The heartbreaking true story of a boy's abuse at the hands of his mother and how he wished he could have sought help sooner.
SGCH "Josh's Story"
An insightful and uplifting look at how a husband and father fell into homelessness and recovered to reconnect with his family.
EDEKA "2117"
Set 100 years in the future, this charming sci-fi tale tracks a curious little robot as he flees a joyless metropolis in search of a family.
Sainsbury "The Greatest Gift is Me"
Run off his feet during the holidays, a frantic father discovers the best present he can give his family is his own time.
Dairy Farmers "Mia & Morton"
A daughter's optimism, perseverance, and inventive spirit pays off in the end for her family's small business.
"The Snow Girl"
A cautionary fairy tale about the importance of trust, respect for nature, and the surprisingly complex nature of a young girl's family.

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