The Inspiration Series: Bold Women in Media

The Inspiration Series: Bold Women in Media
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Girl Effect: Invisible Barriers
A powerful animated film designed to give young girls in developing countries the self-belief that they deserve the opportunities and education now accessible to them.
ReCore: E3 Trailer
This video game trailer introduces the lead protagonist Joule and showcases her resilience, resourcefulness, and poise in the face of danger.
The Legend of the Flying Tomato
Teased relentlessly for her red hair, a young girl transforms herself into a wrestler and grows up to finally embrace the power of her "Tomato Head."
Set in a technologically advanced future, this film explores themes of love, loss, and separation through the eyes of a lesbian couple.
The Chemical Brothers: Wide Open
A resolute young woman keeps dancing even as she witnesses her body transform, part by part, into a strange hollow mesh.
Fox Sports: The History of Women's World Cup Soccer
A brisk and energetic animated promotion for the Womens World Cup featuring soccer stars from the US, Germany, Japan, and Brazil.
Fox Sports: Beauty in Strength
A bold broadcast promotion highlighting a crew of fearsome female mixed martial arts fighters.
Powerpuff Girls Theme
The tongue-in-cheek and retro-flavored promotional film for the relaunch of the world's first all-girl superhero trio, the Powerpuff Girls.
Interface: The Unlikely Hero
A fearless young girl takes on a giant mechanical robot to save her family and town from the machine's deadly pollution.
Atlas Reactor: The Case
This video game trailer showcases two fabulous female characters (a heroine and a villian) who don't back down and don't need saving.
Yuki: Sukitte nandarou...namida
A surreal and whimsical hand-animated music video exploring the fun of being boldly feminine.
Awolnation: Woman Woman
This exuberant music video takes the idea of "natural woman" to it's logical extreme, featuring proudly bare (and strategically censored) female musicians.

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