The Inspiration Series: Comedy in Advertising

The Inspiration Series: Comedy in Advertising
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Kia: Hero's Journey
Melissa McCarthy's hapless eco-warrior endures non-stop slapstick abuse in this ad for Kia which aired during Super Bowl 51.
Canal+: Unicorn
Fifteen minutes before the flood, Noah's son races back to the ark with a pair of unicorns and then realizes both creatures are male. So now you know why unicorns…
Snickers: Brady Bunch
A surreal and hilarious take on the 70s TV classic The Brady Bunch with Danny Trejo taking over as a menacing Marcia Brady and Steve Buscemi subbing in for Jan.
Hornbach: You're Alive
The invigorating and tactile pleasures of DIY home improvement are taken to ridiculous new levels as a man tumbles euphorically down a hill through piles of building materials.
Audi: Doberhuahua
When a couple can't decide between a Doberman or a chihuhua they compromise by crossbreeding the two to create the frightening Doberhuahua.
Adult Swim Games: Tofu Hunter
This mobile game trailer reveals the shocking truth behind entire herds of tofu being hunted down and slaughtered for food.
Audi: The Comeback
A once fearsome T-Rex laments his short arms and the YouTube fail that made him a laughing stock - until he discovers self-driving cars.
Nike: Unlimited You
Encouragement from the narrator causes a series of athletes (some talented and some terrible), to push their achievements to new and seemingly dangerous limits.
EA Sports: Madden - The Movie
When a video gaming rival kidnaps his girl friend, our hero recruits top NFL players and a coach to get him ready for the ultimate football showdown.
Adidas: There will be Haters
Some of the worlds top soccer players shrug off the slings and arrows of critics and haters in this fun and frenetic montage.
Coca-Cola: Man and Dog
Experience the world through the eyes of a lovable and exciteable dog as he drags his owner through his adventures in the park.
Woolmark: The Innovator
A series of innovative characters, from the stone age to modern times, discover the surprising benefits of fashioning clothes from wool.
Cricket: The No-duh-uh-huh Obvios Call
A string of silly and surreal situations (including a gorilla in a pompadour wig) all driven by one of the catchiest music tracks of all time.
Hanwha: Repeat
A new perspective on the rhythms of the average commuter's work day, handled with style and gentle humor in this brand film from South Korea.
Aardman Nathan Love: Full ANL
A gathering of bizarre characters work themselves into a frenzy of odd behavior as they await the unveiling of a mysterious totem.
Campaign Magazine: We Get You
An extreme take on the perils of verbal misinterpretation and how what one person means is definitely not what the listener hears.
Angry Birds 2
The comfortable life of the pigs on Piggy Island comes to an abrupt and hilarious end with the arrival of a certain group of Angry Birds.
Sainsbury's: Mog's Christmas Calamity
A mischievous cat's clumsy antics on christmas morning threaten to destroy a family's holiday until the neighbors all pull together to help out.

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Anonymous picture

Delightful! Great ending too.

Huggie Bear avatar
Huggie Bear

the last one was sweet "Sainsbury's: Mog's Christmas Calamity"

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