The Inspiration Series: Comedy in Advertising - Volume 2

The Inspiration Series: Comedy in Advertising - Volume 2
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16 videos in this playlist "Opportunity Roars"
A King Kong-sized purple monster snatches an unhappy employee out of her office and finds her a fabulous new place to work.
Strongbow "Earn It"
This group of timid friends learns to step up and fight back against ridiculously impossible odds.
Samsung "Do What You Can't"
Follow a curious ostrich as it breaks away from the flock and discovers the wonders of flight with the help of a VR headset.
Canal "Kitchen"
Prepare yourself for all sorts of surprising ingredients and zany action in this manic kitchen at a fancy French restaurant.
Uber "Boxes"
Drives wearing cardboard cars compete for parking spaces as their overcrowded city slides into chaos and comedy.
John Lewis "Buster the Boxer"
The neighborhood wildlife discover the backyard trampoline and the family's dog Buster is not happy about it.
Audi "Duel"
Two valet's at a five star hotel pull out all the stops in a full-on battle for the right to park a beautiful car.
Channel 4 "We're the Superhumans"
Featuring Paralympic athletes in competition and musical extravaganzas, this three-minute film is rousing, inspirational, and funny.
Haynes "Beans"
Discover the real reason astronauts should never eat beans on the moon.
Trueview "Date Serious"
A funny-but-true animated round-up of the undesireable characters often found on internet dating sites.
NZI "The Devil's Chair"
A cursed office chair rains chaos and comedy on those unfortunate enough to own it.
Semcon "The Internet of Sh*t Song"
Is the internet of things all it's cracked up to be? Not according to this crazed two-minute musical and it's cast of marionettes.
Xiao Zhu
A slow-motion odyssey throught the comic disasters of staying in a discount hotel in China.
Destiny 2: "New Legends Will Rise"
Eager new recruits prepare for battle against the aliens who destroyed everything they hold dear (including carbs and puppies).
Atlas Reactor "The Case"
Two ruthless bands of mercenaries square off on a flying cargo barge with experimental weapons and a nuclear robot dog. What could go wrong?
VH1 Classic "Metalheads"
Three teenage pizza delivery guys (who can't play instruments) plan the finer details of their band's rise to fame.

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