The Inspiration Series: The Dynamics of Couples 2

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Cineplex "Lilly & the Snowman"
The touching story of a friendship between a young girl and a snowman through the years.
Modern Love: Together We Stand
An intimate look at how disability affects and amplifies a couple's marriage.
Leroy Merlin "Life's Adventure"
A modern fairy tale about a young couple adrift at sea as they renovate their new house.
John Lewis "The Bear and the Hare"
The uplifting and emotional tale of two friends and joy of sharing and inclusion at Christmas.
Philosophy Feuds "Camus vs Sartre"
An insightful and stylish summary of the friendship and subsequent fall out between two of the 20th century's most important philosophers.
"Burn Out"
Stranded on a barren planet, a disgruntled space technician resets the course of her life after an encounter with her childhood self.
This wordless feud between a pair of beached elephant seals speaks volumes about the nature of relationships and best intentions gone wrong.
Brilliant slapstick comedy with a warm heart, "Llamigos" follows a llama and a baby penguin as their all-out battle for ripe red berries leads to an unlikely friendship.
"Not the End of the World"
When Joe Connolly's wish for a girlfriend suddenly seems to comes true his life fills with mystery, bewilderment, humilation, and the possibility of growing up.
"Fugu & Tako"
The relationship of two close friends takes an unexpected (and hilarious) turn after one of them transforms into a pufferfish after eating VERY fresh sushi.

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