Inspiration Series: The Edge of Design

Inspiration Series: The Edge of Design
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The surreal and stunning opening titles for Jaume Balaguero's feature film "Muse," rendered in 3D animation with intense attention to detail.
Evolution: The Future is Now
This frenetic and richly visual title sequence set an electric tone for a design conference in South Africa.
Makin' Moves
Kouhei Nakama uses scanned human models and 3D animation to explore "transhumanism" in a music-driven short film unlike anything you have seen before.
An intensly detailed and emotionally charged tour through social and historical moments creates the opening titles for the 2018 TEDx conference in Sydney.
Foam Studio in Amsterdam explore the outer limits of 3D animation to create a wholly unique brand film for 3D animation software maker Maxon.
Auto Nom
Free from the effects of gravity or physics, an antique yellow Mercedes goes on a surreal and comedic romp through the city.
The Dress
New York photographer Barnaby Roper directs an experimental and enigmatic fashion film fo Dutch designer Iris van Herpen.
Japanese 3D artist Nobutaka Kitahara creates a mesmering world where the micro and macro merge.
Rule 110
Director/programmer combines his formidable creative and technical skills to create a "peak into the artistry of thinking machines."
Pause 2017
Both sweeping and obsessed with detail, this atmospheric title sequence presents a eerie vision of an abandoned city at night.
Back & Forth
A hypnotic and boldly geometric music video created by French director/animator Porthe for musician 20syl.
Light Motif
A lyrical and wholly original music-driven short film that builds from the simplest sounds and shapes to a rich caucphony of both the eyes and ears.

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