Inspiration Series: The Fine Art of Music Videos

Inspiration Series: The Fine Art of Music Videos
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Einaudi "ABC"
Thousands of human figures evolve into increasingly complex and beautiful compositions in this animated music video for Norwegian artist Einaudi.
Beatsoffreen "Slowly Rising"
Growing from simple organic structures into a dense and intricate choreography of alien life forms, this music video is like nothing you have seen before.
Azel Phara "Green"
Part action film and part impressionist video art, GREEN pushes music videos and the medium of 3D animation into refreshing new directions.
Charles X "Can You Do It?"
Young French director Quentin Baillieux contrasts Paris street culture with the elitism of horse racing in this ambitious animated music video for Charles X.
JR JR "Gone"
Bullying, fear, boredom and loneliness are explored in this inventive and insightful animated music video for JR JR's song GONE.
Panda Bear "Boys Latin"
A vibrant, surreal, and completely original take on the music video genre created by directors Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch (aka Encyclopedia Pictura).
Raffertie "Last Train Home"
Intense images, deliberate pacing, and a sinister mood are threaded together into an intriguing and enigmatic music video.
Fever the Ghost "Source"
A rollicking and psychedelic animated music video overrun by wonderfully weird characters by Australian director/animator Felix Colgrave.

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