The Inspiration Series: Our Environment & the Media

The Inspiration Series: Our Environment & the Media
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Greenpeace: New Bees
An eeire and realistic peak into a future where solar-powered robotic bees are marketed as a replacement for real bees. The film asks the question, "Should we create a new…
WWF: Tiger in Suburbia
An average family forms a powerful emotional bond with an injured tiger as they nurse the 700-pound endangered feline back to health in their home.
Raw for the Oceans
Pharrell Williams invites us all to take responsibilty for the problem of the oceans filling up with plastic.
As the River Flows
This prismatic film introduces the river otter of the US north west to a wider audience, demonstrating how social they are as well as portraying their unique physiology and distinct…
Global Canopy: Forest 500
This film offers surprising insights and sound advice on the environemental impact of our consumer habits and those of the corporations supplying the products.
WCFF: Dream
A powerful demonstration of four adverse environmental effects of human industry as voiced by the animals most affected.
Greenpeace: Wind
The wind rises to become nature's avenger, striking powerful blows against those who work to destroy the planet's environment.
Clif Bar Family Foundation: Seed Matters
Meet Mr. Seed, he loves manure-smoothies and educating the world about the benefits of organic farming.
WWF: Paper World
The values embodied by the World Wildlife Fund are brought to life by animals and their habitats all crafted from paper.
Costa Sunglasses: Kick Plastic
A film designed to help educate a brand's customers and fans on the problem of ocean plastic, specifically due to discarded plastic bottles.
FEMA: Show You Care
A young girl's imaginative telling of how a house feels after it let its family down during a disastrous flood.
Wildlife Aid: Saving Harry
A gentle film highlighting the plight of the urban hedgehog in Britain, whose numbers have fallen from 30 million to one million due to loss of habitat and other man-made…
Toyota FCV: Turning Point
This film was designed to engage the viewer in the debate about hydrogen powered technology without leaning too hard on its eco-credentials.
Mountain Men: Circle vs. Square
Eustace Conway, a star of History Channel's "Mountain Men" series, delivers an entertaining take on the conflict between modern life and a natural life.
Woodland Trust: The Guardian
A lyrical yet wordless film supporting the Woodland Trust's tree-planting campaign, designed to appeal to the heads, hearts and hands of the general public.
Interface: The Unlikely Hero
A young girl takes on a giant pollution-spewing mechanical monster in this metaphorical exploration of what it means to be an environmentally responsible corporation.

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The Earth's Furies - Investigating Natural Disasters
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