Introduction and the Old Regime Monarchy

Introduction and the Old Regime Monarchy
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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: A Diamond Celebration
For sixty years Queen Elizabeth II has reigned as the Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Her reign has seen three different generations look upon her as one of the two young Princesses, then the reliant Queen of a changing Empire, to now, a stately grandmother of the two…
King Alfred and the Anglosaxons - The Shaping of England
Who were the greatest Britons? When did England come into existence, and who made it? How did English ideas on law, freedom and parliament develop?And what about England's key gift to the world, the legacy of its language and literature? In these three fascinating films, Michael Wood tells the story…
Alfred of Wessex
King Alfred the Great fights a desperate guerrilla war in the marshes of Somerset - burning the cakes on the way- before his decisive victory at Edington. Creating towns, trade and coinage, reviving learning and literacy, Alfred then laid the foundations of a single kingdom of 'all the English'. Filmed…
The Lady of the Mercians
In this second episode, Alfred's children continue the family plan to create a kingdom of all the English. The tale begins with a savage civil war in a bleak decade of snow and famine, culminating in an epic victory over the Vikings near Wolverhampton in 910. Filmed in the Fens…
Aethelstan: The First King of England
In this third episode, Alfred's grandson Aethelstan fulfils the family plan and creates a kingdom of all England. Travelling from Devon to Cumbria, Scotland and Rome, Michael Wood tells the tale of Aethelstan's wars, his learning and his lawmaking, showing how he created a national coinage and tracing the origin…
The Plantagenets - A Look into One of England's First Royal Families
Ruling for over 300 years as Kings of England, Dukes of France and Counts of Anjou, the Plantagenets were one of Europe's most dysfunctional yet longest ruling royal dynasties. Although ultimately driven by the wealth and glory a crown brought, they also managed to forge the foundations of the British…
The Devil's Brood
Episode 1 of The Plantagenets
Professor Robert Bartlett tells the extraordinary story of England's most dysfunctional, yet longest-ruling, royal dynasty. Henry II forges a mighty empire encompassing England and much of France. His sons, Richard the Lionheart and John, then turn on their father and each other, bringing the dynasty to the edge of annihilation.
An English Empire
Episode 2 of The Plantagenets
Professor Robert Bartlett continues the remarkable story of the Plantagenets. England's longest-reigning royal dynasty fights to expand their power across the British Isles and win back their lands in France. In this golden age of chivalry, a clear sense of English nationhood emerges and parliament is born.
The Death of Kings
Episode 3 of The Plantagenets
Professor Robert Bartlett charts the downfall of the Plantagenet dynasty. In the last century of their rule, four Plantagenet kings are violently deposed and murdered by members of their own family. It is the bloodiest episode in the entire history of the English monarchy. As the Plantagenets turn in on…
Privilege—Old Regime Society
Look at the hierarchical society of France in the 1780s, which was divided into three estates--those who prayed (the clergy), those who fought (the nobles), and those who worked and paid taxes (the peasants). This system placed a heavy burden on the peasantry and set the stage for revolution.
Juan Carlos - From Francoism to Democracy in Spain
Juan Carlos de Bourbon, for decades one of the most popular and powerful monarchs of Europe, reflects on his life in this documentary. Born to a royal family in exile, following the proclamation of the second Spanish Republic, his childhood was shrouded in uncertainty. He was educated under the benevolent…
FELIX AUSTRIA! - An Inspirational Historical Journey
At the heart of the film is Brian Pfeifle, a young man from Modesto, California who, by education, inclination, force of will, and - perhaps - a sense of fate, assumes the mantle of Felix Pfeifle, spiritual heir to the Habsburg Empire. Moving boldly between Felix's life in Los Angeles…