Introduction to Soft Skills and Power Listening
Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series

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Introduction to the Business World
Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series
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Lateral Thinking Is a Survival Skill
First, investigate the evolutionary history of creativity in human beings and the fascinating paradox of conformity and creativity - both essential to the survival and development of our species. Then, learn about how modern education approaches creativity in our youth, and several lateral thinking skills to promote more playful ideation.
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Resume Writing
Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series
This video introduces the six rules to resume writing. In addition, it is followed with the six steps to creating a resume that will get read. The video shows a step-by-step process to writing a resume along with case studies and role-playing. Overall, the video will help candidates create resumes…
Business Verbal Communications
Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series
The typical business person spends over 75% of their time interfacing with others, so it is no surprise that most organizational problems are due to poor verbal communications. It has been proven that when communication levels improve, stress level decrease. In addition to five rules, this video teaches about the…
Finding a Job
Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series
Finding a job in the market today is more competitive than ever. This video walks you through the current methods and best resources available in looking for a job.
Workplace Relationships
Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series
This video lesson is an in-depth lesson about the workplace. It discusses topics such as your work area, when to notify your supervisor, what to do when you have completed your task, what to wear and not wear to work, and what the "corporate culture" is in an organization. A…
Phone Etiquette
Part of the Series: Business SoftSkills Series
The phone is still an important form of communication. It can be the only contact a person may have with you. The impression you leave on the phone with a caller will stay with them long after the call is completed. Being professional and using proper phone etiquette is an…