Investment Casting

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Sand Casting
The opening sequence of Sand Casting is filmed at Taylors in Loughborough, where the process of casting a church bell is followed from the lengthy construction of the moulds, to the release of the finished cast. The second part of the programme highlights the precision of sand casting in the…
Metal Casting: Sand Moulds
The processes covered by this program are:
  • Jobbing moulding
  • Cold box moulding
  • Pit moulding
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Investment casting
  • Medium volume green sand moulding
  • Automated cold box moulding
  • Hot box moulding
  • High volume lost foam moulding
  • Hunter process
  • Disamatic
The process of casting a ceramic teapot is followed from the mixing and sifting of the liquid clay, to setting it in a mould. This method is contrasted in the second part of the programme where the process of making industrial components ensures strength and durability from the product. This…
Glass Blowing follows a craftsman filmed in Matlock, Derbyshire, making an ornate wine glass from lead crystal which has been heated to 1200degC. He demonstrates the variety of skills and tools required to produce a piece of such quality. This process is then compared to the mass production of perfume…
Crafts into Engineering Collection
A collection of films about various crafts including glassblowing, metal work, ceramics and casting from FENC.
Sheet Metal Work
Sheet Metal Work follows craftsmen filmed in Sheffield taking sheet pewter through the stages required to produce a tankard, from the initial hand rolling and soldering to the lathed lip and base, before polishing and packaging. The process is then compared to the production of a pair of nutcrackers filmed…
Metal Casting: Die Casting
The processes covered by this program are:
  • Gravity die casting
  • Tilt casting
  • Low pressure die casting
  • Cold chamber high pressure die casting
  • Squeeze casting
Composite Materials: Part B
The processes covered by this program are:
  • Resin infusion
  • Resin transfer
  • Compression moulding (sheet)
  • Compression moulding (dough)
  • Pultrusion
  • Filament winding
  • Continuous profile
  • Bulk casting
  • Centifugal casting
Water Treatment and Distribution
Episode 8 of Everyday Engineering
Learn how raw water from nature is treated to make it safe for drinking. Then trace the distribution system that supplies water under pressure to users. Professor Ressler demonstrates two crucial technologies in this system: the flocculation chamber and the water tower.
Drop Forging
A blacksmith forges a hammerhead using traditional methods. Increasing in scale at Sandygate forge, a ring is made from a billet of steel, although the principles are similar, industrial tools are needed to punch a hole. Fire welding is also demonstrated in making an iron bolt. The program concludes by…
Cellular Phone Technology
Episode 22 of Everyday Engineering
Why is cell phone service sometimes so unpredictable? Get inside the cellular network to learn how clever engineering makes a surprisingly large number of two-way conversations possible over a very narrow broadcast spectrum. Also see how the system leads to dead spots, dropped calls, and other familiar cell phone hassles.
Everyday Bridges
Episode 32 of Everyday Engineering
Find that everyday highway overpass bridges are more interesting than they appear. These ubiquitous structures deserve to be admired for their simplicity and practicality. Plunge into the principles of multi-girder spans, and learn that new construction techniques make highway bridges more efficient and elegant than ever.