Ishi's Return
"The Last Wild Indian"

Ishi's Return - "The Last Wild Indian"
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Humbling and beautiful. Well done. Thank you to Mr. Brian Wescott.

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I had always read about Ishi, but I didn't know the final chapter of the Last Native American. They finally did right by Ishi after 60-plus years. I did archaeology in the Owens Valley at Benton Hot Springs in the mid-70s. I loved the Eastern Sierra, an area that is often overlooked as a ...Read more

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Brian Wescott

ISHI'S RETURN provided an opportunity to revisit a pivotal moment in Native history, the unexpected appearance of a starving Indian in Oroville, California, in 1911. He was hailed as the last wild Indian. His story provides a stark reminder that “Indian” and “modern” were supposedly mutually ...Read more

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Very moving documentary!

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