It's A Disaster

It's A Disaster
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That is definitely Yoga with Adriene.

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Holy shit. I can't believe that was GOOD!!!

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hilarious. so well written and acted.

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Inane!!!!!! Time not well spent when I could have been cleaning the oven or something constructive. I wish I could get back the time I just wasted watching this but hey maybe I'll get lucky when the dirty bomb hits and find myself in a fallout shelter and get the time back relatively ...Read more

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More amusing than laugh out loud funny., but I was pleased with the result. Portrays human nature at its most honest. There are worse ways to spend an evening.

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Another good one. Go for it!

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Hello fellow film lovers! I really liked this movie, in spite of my negative expectations. I don't really care for Julia Stiles, but in this film she was pretty good. I found it to be a clever little black comedy.Never lose hope.

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smart, witty, hilarious

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I can't believe the reviews on this movie. This movie was bad , I mean really bad. It was boring, it was lame. There wasn't anything funny about this movie. The writing was slow and lazy. But, you be the judge.

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I'm with you ! America Ferrara gave me hope, but anything with Julia Styles is a waste of time

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Great cast and each stayed in their parts..the editing was very sharp. Universally attractive but kind of mono chromatic cast.
Julia Stiles can not dance..but that could also be good acting and she is very good in this.
Super worth watching..look for the late guests who are on the ...Read more

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Hilarious. I completely agree it would be great for the stage. Wonderful choice in music.

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Entertaining. Funny. Great dialogue and good acting.

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I enjoyed this a lot. It's well acted and a really fun take on a normal romantic comedy. An apocalypse makes everything more interesting! It also seems like it would be a good story to see live as a play.

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I agree...a very original script with solid performances and a nice parody/satire of just how narcissistic modern
"couples" are these days...and the movie is worth watching if only for the great line when the telemarketer calls...
And yes, would also make for a good stage ...Read more

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