Jan Groover: Tilting at Space

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Jana and Jan - Jana und Jan
Part of the Series: Reel Women in East German Film
Fall 1989: Jan is almost 16. Caught while trying to escape to West Germany, he is transferred from prison to a juvenile detention center. Here, he meets Jana ... and what starts as a bet, becomes true love. When Jana gets pregnant, the situation spirals out of control. In the…
Jan Bruegel the Elder
Jan Bruegel the Elder is one of the most interesting artists working at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The second son of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, he was known as 'Flower Bruegel' and 'Velvet Bruegel.' The incredibly detailed accuracy of his works, which were painted in jewel-like…
Jan Vermeer
Not much is known about Jan Vermeer. He only produced around 35 works of art. Yet they made him immortal. He was born in Delft and never left the town. He married there, worked as an art-dealer and died in debt. He bequeathed us a world of light, ambiguous interiors…
Screening Room with Jan Lenica
Part of the Series: Screening Room Series
In addition to being a celebrated experimental animator, Jan Lenica (1928-2001) was a multi-talented artist known for his poetic and surreal graphic art in many forms. Whether working with film, posters, book illustrations, or designs for theater costumes or postage stamps, Lenica expressed very forcefully his satirical ideas, dark humour,…
Jan Harlan & Malcolm McDowell & Christiane Kubrick (Stanley Kubrick Exhibition)
Part of the Series: Masters of Art
Long time Stanley Kubrick collaborator Jan Harlan encapsulates the stunning life and career of Kubrick through pictures, home movies and poignant and insightful comments from some of cinemas most prominent creators and commentators. Christianne Kubrick painted for her husband's films; the paintings seen in the Harford's apartment in Eyes Wide…
Max's Check Up / Max's Prize / Space Max
Part of the Series: Max & Ruby Season 2
Max's Check Up: Ruby and Louise decide to play Doctor's Office. All they need is a patient. But Max wants to play with his markers. Max's Prize: Ruby and Louise look for special things for Ruby's charm bracelet while Max tries to get to the bottom of the cereal box…
Advertising Layout Part I - Space Allocations
Excellent for any course in advertising, advertising creative or graphic design. Suggests the proper space allocation for the illustration, headline, copy and logo. Discusses whether to use a photograph or original art for the illustration. Covers headline issues such as overprinting, reverse type and typefaces. Shows examples of the optical…
The Big Space Travel
A screen adaptation of Sergey Mikhalkov's play "The First Three, or the Year 2001". Three schoolchildren have been selected for the first space flight. Piloting the ship "Astra", the kids bravely overcome all the difficulties of their mission - an attack of meteorites and a gas leakage. Finally, they learn…
Next Stop for the Aviation Industry - Space!
Part of the Series: The Amazing World of Aviation
In 1982 the US government initiated a top secret research program known as Copper Canyon, to investigate the possibility of a single stage-to-orbit airplane which could take off and land horizontally. In 1990 the X-30 National Aero-Space Plane was developed by MacDonald Douglas, Rockwell International and General Dynamics in an…
Part I: Acceleration Machines - Launching a Space Vehicle
Part of the Series: Physics of Spaceflight Series
Concepts Covered:
  • Newton's Laws of Motion
  • Kinematics
  • Conservation of Energy & Momentum
  • Power
  • Aerodynamic Effects
This program details the physics involved in launching a space vehicle. The Space Shuttle and Saturn V launches are dynamically examined in terms of the vehicle's thrust, changing weight, net force, acceleration, and…
Part II: Physics in Space - Orbital Motion and Re-entry
Part of the Series: Physics of Spaceflight Series
Concepts Covered:
  • Newton's Laws of Motion
  • Circular Motion
  • Rotational Dynamics
  • Heat
  • Conservation of Energy
This program focuses on the physics of orbital motion and re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. The program discusses the dynamics of orbital motion and the apparent weightlessness experienced while in orbit. Kepler's 3 laws…
Time and Space
Einstein's special theory of relativity upends traditional notions of space and time. Solve the simple formulas that show the reality of time dilation and length contraction. Conclude by examining the twins paradox, discovering why one twin who travels to a star and then returns ages more slowly than the twin…