Jenny Sages
Paths to Portraiture
Part of the Series: Australian Artists Collection

Catherine Hunter Productions
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Painting People
Acclaimed Australian artists Clifton Pugh, William Dargie, William Dobell, Russell Drysdale, Jon Molvig and Andrew Sibley discuss their approach to portraiture in Painting People, providing an insight into the unique challenges that face a portrait painter. Through examples of their work and the work of other eminent painters such as…
Painting Venus Vamp
Part of the Series: Australian Artists Collection
Painting Venus Vamp, follows Wendy Sharpe as she paints her 2013 entry for the Archibald Prize. The theme of Burlesque has been a focus of her work in recent years.
Wendy Sharpe: The Imagined Life
Part of the Series: Australian Artists Collection
Painter Wendy Sharpe is the recipient of numerous awards, grants and travelling scholarships including the Sulman Prize (1996), the Archibald Portrait Prize (1996), and the Portia Geach Memorial Prize (1995 & 2003). In 1998, Wendy was commissioned by the City of Sydney to paint a series of eight murals, on…
Tina Barney: Speaking of Art (Lecture)
Since 1975 Tina Barney has been producing large-scale photographs of family and friends. Her meticulous tableaux chronicle the complexity of interpersonal relationships. These lush color prints have been exhibited and collected by major institutions around the world from MoMA to The National Gallery, London. Barney has been the recipient of…
Truth and Art
Truth & Art is a new film and exhibition by the celebrated visual artist - Sunara Begum, exploring the relationship between three global artists/musicians and their work. Through her portraiture, digital tapestry and montage her work brings us into their world and delves deep into their musical and creative practice.…
Rabbinic Judaism’s Traditions about Jesus
What was Jewish life like after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D.? How did the religion survive this trauma? With insights from various historical sources, chart the rise of Rabbinic Judaism--the literature of Jewish sages who portray Jesus as an illegitimate child and magician.
William Robinson: A Painter's Journey
Part of the Series: Australian Artists Collection
William Robinson: A Painter's Journey is a compelling documentary about one of Australia's most important artists. Recognized for his astonishing self-portraits which have twice won the Archibald Prize, William Robinson is also a masterful landscape painter. In 2009, a gallery in his name opened in Old Government House at the…
David Hockney: Hockney at The Tate
In 1988 David Hockney -- painter, graphic artist, photographer, stage designer, writer -- had a major retrospective at the Tate Gallery. Author and presenter Melvyn Bragg met with Hockney at what is now Tate Britain to film an interview for The South Bank Show. Since he burst on to the…
George Romney
George Romney (1734-1802) was a key figure in British art in the late eighteenth century. A contemporary of Sir Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough, he was a fashionable, prolific and at times dazzling portrait painter. Originally from the Lake District, Romney moved to London in 1762, abandoning his wife in…
Sidney Nolan: Mask and Memory
Part of the Series: Australian Artists Collection
Mask And Memory' is a documentary about the man many regard as the greatest Australian painter of the 20th century - Sidney Nolan. If all art has a biographical element, this was dramatically true in Nolan's case. Through interviews with friends, contemporaries and witnesses, producer Catherine Hunter reconstructs the intimate…
Savannah Country
Part of the Series: Australian Artists Collection
'Savannah Country' tells the story of a collaborative exhibition between North Queensland artists Julie Poulsen and Jenny Valmadre. On the road from Cairns and Cooktown lies savannah grasslands and the Desailly Range, the country which was the starting point for these artists. This documentary gives rare insights into the artistic…
An Unstoppable Force: Betty Churcher with John Olsen
Widely regarded as Australia's greatest living artist, the exuberant 80-year-old John Olsen talks with acclaimed art commentator Betty Churcher about his life's work. Still painting with all his creative energy in his studio in the NSW Southern Highlands, Olsen speaks of the influence of poetry and Spain on his art…