Job Interview Success Series 3

Job Interview Success Series 3
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Group Assessment Interview
Five very different applicants are thrown into a group interview in an assessment centre with on the spot performance challenges. Hear the panel of five assessors compare the performances of…
Graduate Interviews
Mat and Anna perform extremely well in their corporate interviews with a panel of two interviewers. It's a close result but what will determine who succeeds in getting the job?
Office Interview - Confidence & Persistence
Ben demonstrates the importance of confidence and persistence. After missing the closing date for an office administration job, Ben calls and convinces the manager to interview him. His persistence pays…
Success at Every Level
Three experienced applicants apply for different jobs in the same company - all being interviewed by one HR manager, and all doing very well. Erin goes for a reception job,…
Pitching Your Business
Learn 20 practical tips when pitching your business - with no brochures, AV or previous referral - to someone who does not need or want what you are offering. Whilst…

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