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Choose Life
On June 12th more than one million people marched in New York for a nuclear freeze.
Everyone is Down on Me
Bob Jefferey, a blues player from San Diego, performing at the California Heartland presentation at the 1975 Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife.
Hand Play
Nathan Kostoulakos demonstrates minkeys and lurmeys.
At the Edge
Sharon Kinney's dance for the camera performed by Jennifer Lafferty with music by David Karagianis.
Indulgence at La Cueva
While filming Rhesus Play in Puerto Rico, we often took a shortcut through the mangroves to the other side of the island.
Pretty Polly
A music video for Raige Pierson's arrangement and performance of the classic American murder ballad, Pretty Polly.
Red Top Snuff
Ben Pearson's family has been milling on the Parker River in Massachusetts since colonial times and began grinding snuff when the industrial revolution brought textile mills to the Merrimack Valley.…
Yoyo Man
A portrait of one of the Duncan Yoyo Company's original yoyo demonstrators, Nemo Concepcion.
Tango in the Toilet
A site-specific dance performance choreographed by Victoria Marks for a concert in the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures.
Gaishay Returns to !ao#’a
An incidental event shot in Namibia for John Marshall while filming his epic, A Kalahari Family.
John Seavers is a versatile and engaging street performer, as well as an outstanding dancer in any genre.
Rainy Night in Burbank
Kuma Hula Kunewa Mook rehearsing with Hula Halau O' Kamuela Elua.
Shopping for an Offering
Cambodian dancers make an offering to their patron deities and teachers before a performance. Shot during production of the video Cambodian Court Dance: The Next Generation, this film follows dancers…

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Movement (R)evolution Africa
Where are the stories of fiercely creative African individuals and what do they have to tell us about their lives? Meet Movement (R)evolution Africa's choreographic trendsetters. Hailing from Senegal to South Africa, the perspectives and creative processes of these dancers and choreographers present fresh images of Africa, and bring to…
T'an Bahktale! (Good Fortune To You!): Roma (Gypsies) In Russia
The video was shot in central Russia in 1993. It documents how Russians, Romani performers, well-to-do merchant Roma, and poorer, metalworking Roma describe what it means to be a Gypsy. Before shooting, one of the directors did more than two years of fieldwork in Russia with Roma (1990-1993). A few…
African Dance: Sand, Drum, and Shostakovich
This documentary explores African contemporary dance through eight modern dance companies from Africa, Europe and Canada that participated in the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse in Montreal, Canada in 1999. Interviews, including those with dance historians Yacouba Konate and Alponse Tierou, add insight to beautifully-photographed performances. What emerges is a…
The Films of Bess Lomax Hawes
BUCKDANCER (1965) Featuring Panaloa County fife player Ed Young with Bessie Jones. Ed Young does the Buckdance, demonstrates making a fife, and plays a tune on the fife. GEORGIA SEA ISLAND SINGERS (1964) Shot in 35mm film with multiple cameras on a soundstage when the Sea Island Singers were visiting…
The Sunrise Dance
This documentary shows an ancient, sacred Apache ritual that has never before been filmed. The Sunrise Ceremony, which marks the passage from adolescence to adulthood for young Apache women, is disappearing under the pressures of cultural assimilation. This documentary focuses on the Sunrise Ceremony of 13-year-old Maureen Nachu, who lives…
In Search of the Hamat'sa: A Tale of Headhunting
The Hamat'sa (or "Cannibal Dance") is the most important - and highly represented - ceremony of the Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) people of British Columbia. This film traces the history of anthropological depictions of the dance and, through the return of archival materials to a First Nations community, presents some of the…
Carnaval De Pueblo
Carnival time is big in this small Spanish town in Andalusia. Appropriately described by a local as a 'newspaper', the carnival is a time of dressing up and coming together. The men compose 'spicy' songs about local affairs and sing their social criticisms of national events. This documentary films the…
Play, Jankunú Play - The Garifuna Wanaragua Ritual of Belize
The Garifuna are a Central American people of West African and Native American descent. One of their most popular rituals is wanaragua, a three-fold system of masked Christmas processionals commonly called Jankunu. This ritual is a unique blend of African, European, and Native American (Arawak and Carib) art traditions in…
Vanuatu Women's Water Music - An Audio-Visual Journey Deep into Pacific Island Culture
The performers of the Vanuatu Women's Water Music group hail from the remote northern tropical islands of Gaua and Merelava in Vanuatu. They travel the world performing the Na Mag and Ne Leang dances as a prelude to the water music. The Water Music of Vanuatu is a performance that…
The Drums of Winter (Uksuum Cauyai)
This feature-length documentary explores the traditional dance, music and spiritual world of the Yupik Eskimo people of Emmonak, a remote village at the mouth of the Yukon River on the Bering Sea coast. The Drums of Winter gives an intimate look at a way of life of which most of…
Aloha! This gentle portrait of Auntie Irmgard Farden Aluli, one of Hawaii's best loved composers, focuses on Hawaiian women's contributions to family structure, art, music and dance. An intimate glimpse into the real culture of the islands.
Jathilan: Trance and Possession in Java
Practiced in Java for centuries, Jathilan is a folk dance that uses the power of music and dance to channel powerful and sometimes terrifying forces. Led by a spiritual guide and a whip-bearing ringleader, a group of dancers ride woven horses in rhythmic unison until they are entered by spirits.…