John De Bruyni, John Roumeliotis & Francois Paul Journe
Part of the Series: Ultimate Boy Toys Series 1

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Fregus Henderson, Roberto Caraguti & Nori & Suki
Part of the Series: Master Chef Confidential Series 1
"Fregus Henderson - London Roberto Caraguti - Geneva Nori & Suki - Restaurant 7 - Sydney
Dartz Armoured Vehicles & Cornelius Watches
Part of the Series: Ultimate Boy Toys Series 3
"DARTZ [St Petersburg] Leonard Yankelovich DARTZ.EU present armored car which shocked the World - PROMBRON' (ex.RussoBaltique). This is oldest armored car brand in the World and famous Lenin's speech was told from RussoBaltique armored car. Now - ultraluxury, ultraproof armored car. Also starring in Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie "THE…
Paul Smith
Part of the Series: Designer Marathon Volume 1
With a bold palette and a cheeky wink, Paul Smith has become one of the most financially prosperous designers working in London. From his 25 year retrospective at London's Design Museum to a personal tour of his Milanese boutique, Paul Smith's sense of whimsy has been fundamental to his success.
Manish Arora & Eun Jeong & Simeoni
MANISH ARORA Manish Arora is regarded by many as "the John Galliano of India".[6] He is known for a rich palette of psychedelic colours and kitsch motifs in garments that combine traditional Indian crafts like embroidery, applique and beading with Western silhouettes EUN JEONG Career highlights: "There are many: winning…
Smash & Grab
Their crimes resemble high-octane Hollywood action movies: a sports car speeds through a Dubai shopping mall, crashing into the windows of a Graff jewelry store. Masked, gun-wielding men jump out of the car, and stuff fistfuls of diamonds into their satchels before screeching off. In London, they took all of…
Anatomy of Violence - Dialectics of Liberation and the Demystification of Violence
The meeting in London of the Symposium on the Dialectics of Liberation and the Demystification of Violence, organized by R.D.Laing, with Allen Ginsberg, Paul Sweezey, Paul Goodman, Herbert Marcuse, Stokely Carmichael, Malcolm X, etc. An important record of the spectrum of leftwing politics and personalities during the turbulent Sixties. Record…
Carine Gilson & Eley Kishimoto & Delight
CARINE GILSON A Fine Arts graduate from the Brussels academy and the Antwerp Fashion Academy, Carine Gilson was only 23 when she bought a small sewing workshop. In 1994 she created the "Carine Gilson Lingerie Couture" line. The most precious and noble materials are used in her collections. Carine Gilson…
Richard Wilson
Part of the Series: theEYE
Richard Wilson is an internationally-renowned sculptor and installation artist who often works on an architectural scale. 20:50, his room-sized sea of reflective sump oil, is an overwhelming experience. More recent works like Jamming Gears, made for London's Serpentine Gallery, and Over Easy, built into The Arc arts centre in Stockton-in-Tees,…
Marloes Bhomer & Lukas & Krug 8
MARLOES BHOMER Marloes Ten Bhomer a London based Dutch product designer graduated from the London College of Fashion & The Royal College of Art. She is considered one of the most promising designers of her generation and has exhibited worldwide. Most recently she was nominated for the Grand Brit Insurance…
Franck Muller, Patrick Lamb & Marie Streichenberger
Part of the Series: Ultimate Boy Toys Series 1
GENEVA Franck Muller - Grand Master of Complications - genius watchmakerto the Stars.I am able to imagine the individual parts and watch assembly in mymind - like a computer, without having to draw it or put it down onpaper. LONDON Patrick Lamb - James Lock - Hatmaker since the 1700's…
Noble Cars & Antoine Preziuso
Part of the Series: Ultimate Boy Toys Series 3
"Noble [UK] Peter Boutwood For some time, NOBLE owner Peter Dyson noted that the cars in his collection giving the most enjoyable and rewarding driving experience, tended to be the 'earlier' models, none of which featured computer assistance. The later supercar offerings just did not reward the driver in quite…
Dominique Bouchet, Paul Wilson & Sean Osborne
Part of the Series: Master Chef Confidential Series 1
"Dominique Bouchet - Paris ***I remember crying while working and that some cooks broke down and left. Paul Wilson - Melbourne I was bored in London, to be honest. I felt like I needed to learn something else. I was infused by Thailand, and just Asian food in general so…