Journey to Italy

Journey to Italy
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Spell binding.

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vinn arjuna

The scenes of the people and Naples are spell binding. Felt as if I was watching a home movie of two individuals and their coming to grips with their marriage. Fantastic.

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I believe this was the movie during which Bergman wrote later that Sanders cried all the time when not filming. His marriage to Zsa Zsa Gabor was finally ending (due to her infidelity with a Latin playboy polo player) and he could not get over the idea that she no longer adored him.

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I enjoyed this movie but what a sudden ending!

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A couple finds the will to overcome their differences and promise eternal devotion in this piece set in Naples, Italy. The sites in and around the ancient city provide an interesting background to the stilted performances of Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders. Not much chemistry between ...Read more

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Powerful, yet subdued performances, portray the emotional roller coaster ride of a marriage...……… could have been any marriage. Well done.

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For me, the leading actors didn't have real chemistry, but they were both fun to watch.

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A paean to Napoli and Italian heritage more generally. A touching exploration of the difficulties of marriage, but with a not-so-convincing ending.

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Memorable and touching film. All married people go through such rough times and sometimes become bitter. But deep love conquers all. Seasoned actors, Bergman and Sanders lived their roles as these two unhappy married people. Even their great wealth couldn't console them. Wonderful story. ...Read more

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This is a beautiful film: directing, cinematography, soundtrack and this restored version is a real treat, The love story between Bergman and Sanders is the least compelling or interesting thing about it and the incomparable George Sanders especially seems uncomfortable in the role of ...Read more

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In deed the ruins of Pompeii and the surrounding ancient historic sites were a treat to see in this crisp restored film.

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Recommended for those who love old movies and Ingrid Bergman. Watched this as I had never heard of this film and was curious. Bergman and Sanders are great. Interesting story but I hated the ending. I enjoyed seeing Naples, Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius post WW II.

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