Journey's End

Journey's End
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Absolutely outstanding !

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Excellent film!

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One of the more accurate depictions of war, I think-- especially that of shell shock and ptsd. Incredible performances.

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Painful to watch. And their story has to be told. Such madness.

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Well done, gritty with great performances! Fascinating that this play has been made into film(s) FIVE times! James Whale (of Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein fame) directed the original hit stage play & then made the early talkie version in 1930.

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kay louise

so realistic-the mud, the terror-the camaraderie..Cheerio!to let's have a cuppa-from a tin cup.bringing live chooks in with the rations...utterly gripping...

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Excellent. Great acting by all. Very intense, but also utterly believable. Amazing portrayal of what World War I was like from the soldiers' perspective and what war is like to the people in combat.

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quite well done and believable; good acting.

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Manages to avoid clichés of this genre, and portrays events with dignity and pathos uncommon in war films. Excellent in all respects.

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Was it action packed...

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A very intense movie. Felt like i was in the trenches myself.

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W.W. I as lived by soldiers on the line. Well worth watching.

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