Juan Sanchez: An Interview

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Video Data Bank On Art & Artists: Painting
A collection of films about painting from Video Data Bank featuring Juan Sanchez, John Clark, Jeremy Blake, Milton Resnick, Kori Newkirk, Pat Steir, Robert Ryman, Chema Cobo, and others.
Visiones: Latino Art & Culture - Episode 1
The Latino Mural Movement of the 1960's, Nuyorican spoken word, and editorial cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz are featured in the first episode of the series. Created in New York, Nuyorican spoken word is a form of artistic expression that emerged from the tumultuous 1960s and continues to influence and inspire the…
Visiones: Latino Art & Culture - Episode 2
Episode two features Miriam Colon and the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater Company (PRTT) of New York, Tejana musical artist Selena, and the Santero art tradition of New Mexico. This episode unveils the stories of New Mexico artisans known as Santeros who engage in an art form heavily steeped in history…
Roy Lichtenstein
In 1990 Melvyn Bragg interviewed Roy Lichtenstein for The South Bank Show, filming the artist in his studio in New York. Lichtenstein, who died in 1997, was the artist hailed by one newspaper in 1964 as 'One of the Worst Artists in America Today' but whose works now fetch tens…
Peter Voulkos & The Otis Group
Part of the Series: Revolutions of the Wheel
"Peter Voulkos & The Otis Group" closely examines the work of Peter Voulkos. Starting from his years at the Archie Bray Institute in Montana with fellow potter Rudy Autio, the film follows his move in 1954 to Los Angeles to teach at the Los Angeles County Art Institute, later known…
The Last Colony - Puerto Rico's Unique Relationship With The United States
In 1898, the United States invaded and colonized Puerto Rico as part of the Spanish American War. For 114 years the people of Puerto Rico have maintained a polarizing debate on the STATUS ISSUE that has been front and center of the political discourse on the Island. Puerto Ricans (American…
Art Index TV 1
Part of the Series: Art Index TV
Art Index TV is a compelling, informative and engaging television series of half hour shows about contemporary art. Art Index TV places contemporary art in context, demystifies and illuminates its creative process, and articulates the ways in which it impacts our culture at large. Art Index TV features artists and…
Printmaking - Relief and Intaglio
The medium of prints attracted great artists from Durer and Rembrandt to Ensor and Picasso. Using studio demonstrations, study the expressive means and contrasting techniques of relief printmaking, including woodcut, wood engraving, and linocut, and intaglio printmaking, including metal engraving, etching, mezzotint, and aquatint.
Robert Ryman 1993: An Interview
In this interview painter Robert Ryman (b. 1930) describes his artistic influences, recounts his work process, and assesses the use and meaning of painting, both in the 1960s and the 1990s. For Ryman, the focus of his work is not politics or society, but the "problem of painting." This interview…
David Hockney: Hockney at The Tate
In 1988 David Hockney -- painter, graphic artist, photographer, stage designer, writer -- had a major retrospective at the Tate Gallery. Author and presenter Melvyn Bragg met with Hockney at what is now Tate Britain to film an interview for The South Bank Show. Since he burst on to the…
Video Data Bank On Art & Artists: Criticism and Theory
A collection of films about art critisism and theory from Video Data Bank, featuring Victor Burgin, Eddie Chambers, Terry Eagleton, Carol S. Vance, Hal Foster, Kodwo Eshun, Valerie Maynard, Laura Mulvey, Eileen Myles, and others.
Video Data Bank On Art & Artists: Performance
A collection of films about performance art from Video Data Bank, featuring Martha Wilson, Richard Schechner, Tehching Hsieh, Danny Tisdale, Orlan, John Malpede, Vaginal Davis, and Karen Finley.