The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
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Every character in this film seems to be a narcissistic sociopath, except for maybe poor little Bob. The really scary part of this story is, apparently in the 21st century any idiot can become a heart surgeon. Here one of these 21st century idiot surgeons and his family are outwitted and ...Read more

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John Michael

A previous review called this a "beautifully shot slasher flick," and that's dead on. It seems to me the director, Lanthimos, has a recurring problem. He has a style, but he has no subject worthy of it, so it sort of exists for its own sake. The Lobster was almost a brilliant sort of ...Read more

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I found the mechanics of the plot completely fascinating, but couldn't care about any of the characters. The heightened anti-naturalistic style of acting makes everything feel very arch and cute so it's hard to buy in to the emotional stakes, which basically makes the film play like a very ...Read more

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A very good movie that is difficult to watch.

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bitch. you don't even know.

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anthony, i really didn't!!

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It would be sacrilege to give anything by Lanthimos less than 4 stars.

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Love it, don't care what these clowns down below have to say

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2☆☆ bcause I didn't hate it...strange and intriguing w/potential but very unsatisfying ending. Can't recommend and won't watch again. Better luck ♧ next time!

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A family of superficial freaks that probably aren't that different than fifty percent of the population in spite of the director's attempt to make them absurd. Watch the movie to see a mirror held up to the theologically (mythology) and culturally obsessed, weak-minded people who think that ...Read more

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Not a movie to earn from....Agree with Anita's comment: to many unanswered questions about a family filled with desolation and lack of empathy and love among them...very cold!

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Good However ...very confused? is that kid his son too? Why did not care the kids were dying? how did the girl get better? why didn't the mom get sick? I think the whole family had issues who does this stuff...shooting your son then eating in a many unanswered questions?

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1) Cardiologists don't smoke. 2) Sex with your wife as she pretends to be anesthetized is really quite strange. 3) Shoving a donut down your kids' throat is a good way to choke him to death. 4) A mother who stands by and watches him do that with nary a "STOP IT!" is impossibly strange. 5) ...Read more

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yorgos remakes "dogtooth" take one...
slick picture but his 'i'm so quirky' thing gets old

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Frank Sherman

They did it again. I was never more elated then in my seat. That scene with the tree is one I will remember until I am old.

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that gets an overall "meh" from me. Slow and long. Had so much potential to only fall flat.

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What even

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Didn’t care for it. Kind of strange and flat.

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French Fries

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this movie feels like stepping outside of your body and watching as all your teeth get extracted

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...but in the best possible way.

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Sooo...You *didn't* like it, right?

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