The King
The Rise and Fall of Elvis Presley

The King - The Rise and Fall of Elvis Presley
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Thoughtful and thought-provoking film about Elvis, set in the broader context of late-20th century socioeconomics and popular culture. On a road trip, in a Rolls Royce once owned by Elvis, from Tupelo to Memphis, Nashville, New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas, the filmmaker spends time with a ...Read more

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It is sad, but oh so true. While being American was an ideal and a status to try to attain. Sadly, Americanism is now a commodity led by a ruthless money grubbing CEO who want to make (the trade mark) America Great Again. Capitalism at it's base , and Elvis as a metaphor . Great movie!!! 4 ...Read more

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Yeah, Jeff, Elvis didn't singlehandedly steal black people's sound (he had a lot of help), but it's funny you speculate that a 19-year-old could never steal. Most of those garage bands formed in the 60's were young white kids aping American R&B. It's all they knew how to do. They didn't ...Read more

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It's easy to look back, as Van Jones did, and say what Elvis should have done. Elvis' influence on culture was absent in the 60's. In fact, Elvis lost a lot of popularity, acting in the movies he was locked in to. He didn't have control of his career and always felt he was about to lose ...Read more

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Frank Sherman

Didn't watch it But I love THe King. Always have always will. Ever since I was 28 and I first heard about him. Times were different in those days. We had manners, we had taste, we did't just divorce each other every fr*cking drop of the hat.

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BTW, Jerry Lee Lewis did the same thing at Sun Records.

Using Elvis to Trump-bash is a stretch. But it seems to be the point of this movie...

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Excellent film, part biography of Elvis, part history of the disintegration of the amerikan empire, brilliantly juxtaposed with the tragedy of Elvis' rise and downfall. Engaging and heartbreaking

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This was weird. It was like "what if MSNBC made a documentary about Elvis?"

Also, to the dude on here saying Van Jones is dividing America by reminding everyone that Elvis stole his sound from black people, uhhh, dude, Elvis stole that sound from black people. Straight up facts. ...Read more

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I think it's funny how people say Elvis stole his sound from black people. Do people think Elvis, age 19, went into the Sun Studio in Memphis thinking "I'm gonna steal the black sound". Elvis grew up in North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee, in terrible poverty, in the projects. It was ...Read more

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Started off great, beautiful photography but it couldn't decide if it was about Elvis and the culture of his times or a political piece on politics in America today. Felt like the director and writer was part of the crowd who used Elvis for personal agendas - guess it still goes on today. ...Read more

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Noble effort, but falls short.

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A stunning and poignant story of Elvis and Capitalist America. An original and a must see!!

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Jeez dude, give it a rest. This was a well made and well presented film. Agree or disagree with the opinions expressed. I certainly didn’t agree with all of them but they showed different viewpoints. Watch this film!

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I made it through 44 minutes, but I can't take anymore. It's all cliched, sophomoric, adolescent viewpoints. Adios.

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This is so over-stylized that it's difficult to enjoy.

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Sorry, but Elvis' took the roll out of Rock 'n Roll at Sun. That IS what distinguished Elvis' version of Mystery Train from Junior Parker's version. That IS what allowed Elvis to bring black music to white people.

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Cultural appropriation is an infantilizing, self-victimizing concept. It's not even logical. So what does Van Jones want? It sounds like he wants to maintain racial segregation, because that's what his charge of "stealing" black music implicitly suggests. It's sickening to hear this man ...Read more

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Really not looking forward to watching this hyper-over-produced piece of junk, but I know a lot about Elvis and I am looking forward to taking it apar.

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