The King's Choice
Kongens nei

The King's Choice - Kongens nei
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I agree about the subtitles but you can still get the jist. It is a superb film. I've never seen an historical drama use modern production techniques - the shooting, editing and sound - so effectively. Most importantly it shows the real psychological drama the characters had to go through. ...Read more

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I would have enjoyed it more if it were without captions, but it was interesting.

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read a book

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Really good movie from beginning to end and really interesting to see Norway''s involvement in WWII. Good quality acting from a few actors that I've seen in other foreign films.

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Too difficult reading the subtitles. stopped watching after a few minutes.

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That does not reflect on the film.

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Very well done. A human face on a critical point in Norwegian history. Karl Markovics (Curt Brauer) was a stand-out for me. Really enjoyed it. Would see again.

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Good film. Good acting. Makes we want to know about Norway during WWII. Why had they wanted neutrality in the first place?

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Well done WWII film that shows the brutality of war and the strength of people.

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Engrossing story, superb acting.

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Really enjoyed this film what a way to learn details of history.

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wonderful movie except for the sometimes unreadable subtitles - great acting, cinematography, highly recommend it! Watched it the second time on my computer and had no trouble with the subtitles - must have been the cable connection

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An engaging movie. At times I felt as if I was really there. Made me want to go and read up more about this historical event. Highly recommended.

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I really enjoyed this movie, a wonderful story, mesmerizing scenery, excellent acting, and outstanding cinematography

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Really good movie and an important part of history. Extremely well done. Highly recommend it.

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Story to be told over, and remain in history.

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A powerful film that explores the human cost of war.

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A little-known story of great and principled leadership brought vividly to life in this excellent movie.

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Great history-telling and showing of true courage and integrity!

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We really enjoyed this movie about Norwegian courage. Wonderful historical production.

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Well done!

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Great historical movie about a great noble King.

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Outstanding historical drama. I loved it.

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