Kings Point
Elderly New Yorkers Migrating to Florida

Kings Point - Elderly New Yorkers Migrating to Florida
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Sari Gilman

I made Kings Point after 25 years of visiting my grandmother there. The film is an expression of my experience watching people grow older in an isolated and age segregated community. In the end, I found that their struggles, their emotions, and their desire for connection, were hardly ...Read more

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I've never seen a comment from a filmmaker on their own film on this website. Pretty cool! I'm going to check out the movie, thanks.

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Sweet and affecting, Sari Gilman’s tender look at the aging residents of a Florida retirement community is a gentle puller of heartstrings. Never overtly traumatic or depressing, the film is as frank a take on its subjects’ situations as the subjects themselves. People like Gert, who opens ...Read more

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