Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

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Really incredible and beautiful picture. Great cinematography, Rinko is amazing as the lead, and the score is perfect. Makes for an overall worthwhile movie for me. As for its history, I recommend the Snap Judgement podcast episode on Takako Konishi called "Fargo," that goes in depth on the ...Read more

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A really bad Zellner's approach. it depicts not only a naive and credulous Japanese girl but also a pollyanna unable to distinguish a movie from reality, Not to mention the negative connotation of depictIng supremacy of one culture over another, come on! This is a movie for people feeling ...Read more

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Are all the moview on kanopy depressing like this...?

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I cannot bring myself to finish this. This lady is too depressing.

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Slow, almost meditative, beautiful cinematography and cultural critique.

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Beautiful cinematography but not enjoyable

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Great photography, distinct characters well acted. I enjoyed.

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Such a beautifully shot but sad story. Kumiko is such a sympathetic & relatable character, it's compelling to go on this journey with her.

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A film I'm still thinking about two days later. A rare piece of abstract art, leaning more towards human Art than abstract, if we can lend this character a sense of compassion. It is a kind of poem of what it means to dream, to have a dream. The people who happen upon her life are banal if ...Read more

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Loved this movie. I really felt for Kumiko. Beautiful cinematography. Beautiful ending.

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Synopsis: The day she was born she was given a life sentence. After 29 years of knowing nothing but prison she went mad and retreated into a fantasy world, one which led her to undertake a suicidal expedition. Fortunately or unfortunately, she died in a state of ecstatic delerium.

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Wish I'd seen your comment before watching this. Would have saved me about 2 hours...

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American is so nice for help the others. Excellent movie.

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This is one of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen.

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you got it right!

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I really liked this movie! The cinematography was beautiful, the editing right on and Rinko Kikuchi perfect for the part.
Near the beginning, the sun rises and the music by The Octopus Project reminds me very much of the music in “2001, A Space Odyssey,” as Bowman travels across vast ...Read more

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Darkly comedic? I'd say, darkly depressing. Sorry I watched.

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An essay in bathos. Kinda awful.

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It got me hooked from the start.

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