Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter
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I'm glad some people got something out of it.

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There was nothing comedic about this movie. I found watching the descent into madness of a deeply depressed and disturbed young woman terrible and almost stopped watching it. But it grabbed me in the gut and I kept on. By this I recognize it as a powerful movie. But. Had I known what it ...Read more

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The introduction is very deceiving... "darkly comedic"? This is one of the most depressing movie I've ever seen. It's not the type of movies that viewers can identify themselves in characters, but the repulsion and the angst I feel is the testimony that it's a masterpiece, at least for me.

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Samuel W

A way to feel and experience the world of psychosis in a very aesthetic, deeply moving manner. Her quest is a "deliberate, terrific refusal to respond to anything but the deepest, highest, richest answer to the as-yet unknown demand of some waiting void within: a kind of total strike, or ...Read more

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Whew boy. 'Schizophrenic woman in a complete psychotic break wanders around in a blizzard in Fargo ND or in her own delusionional hell." NO. Do not waste your time on this. Sheesh. You can just take a ride on public transit across the city and experience this kind of madness. No thanks.

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I enjoyed the weirdness of this movie, the many moments of awkwardness.

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Excellent acting and stunning cinematography make it a winner. Silly story and undeveloped main character must be overlooked.

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Frank Sherman

Again, it's not my responsibility to understand a movie just like it's not my responsibility to stay for the ending of the end credits, (they even turn the lights on so that you can leave). SO, Kumiko the, Treasure Hunter. VERY GOOD. Ambiguous. BUT good. The plot is complicated to me. Not ...Read more

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Anyone interested in learning the real story of this woman should really listen to the episode of the podcast Snap Judgement (episode: Fargo) and the documentary This is A True Story. It seems that Takako, the woman who inspired Kumiko, was in Fargo to commit suicide from the start. The story ...Read more

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Hey, thank you for the info! I really enjoyed this movie and had no idea it was actually based on someone. I'll check out the documentary.

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Although this movie references Don Quijote throughout, it does so on a superficial level and kinda ignores the meaning behind the story of Don Quijote (a critique of romanticising the past). Unless they're trying to say something about reality TV or "based on a true story" movies which might ...Read more

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Totally enjoyed it.

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Really incredible and beautiful picture. Great cinematography, Rinko is amazing as the lead, and the score is perfect. Makes for an overall worthwhile movie for me. As for its history, I recommend the Snap Judgement podcast episode on Takako Konishi called "Fargo," that goes in depth on the ...Read more

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Thank you! I will check out the podcast.

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A really bad Zellner's approach. it depicts not only a naive and credulous Japanese girl but also a pollyanna unable to distinguish a movie from reality, Not to mention the negative connotation of depictIng supremacy of one culture over another, come on! This is a movie for people feeling ...Read more

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Are all the moview on kanopy depressing like this...?

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I agree!!!! Everything I"ve watched has been a bummer. That's gotta be the folks who choose the catalog of films. There are so many great movies out there. Why is Kanopy choosing such awful ones?!?! Florida Project was another one I recently watched. AWFUL and depressing. Dammit.

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I loved the Florida Project. Yes, a dismal world, but the children so animated, so alive, appearing so incredibly natural. I found watching the descent into madness of a deeply depressed and disturbed young woman in this movie terrible and almost stopped watching it. Nevertheless it ...Read more

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I cannot bring myself to finish this. This lady is too depressing.

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Slow, almost meditative, beautiful cinematography and cultural critique.

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Beautiful cinematography but not enjoyable

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Great photography, distinct characters well acted. I enjoyed.

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Such a beautifully shot but sad story. Kumiko is such a sympathetic & relatable character, it's compelling to go on this journey with her.

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A film I'm still thinking about two days later. A rare piece of abstract art, leaning more towards human Art than abstract, if we can lend this character a sense of compassion. It is a kind of poem of what it means to dream, to have a dream. The people who happen upon her life are banal if ...Read more

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Loved this movie. I really felt for Kumiko. Beautiful cinematography. Beautiful ending.

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Synopsis: The day she was born she was given a life sentence. After 29 years of knowing nothing but prison she went mad and retreated into a fantasy world, one which led her to undertake a suicidal expedition. Fortunately or unfortunately, she died in a state of ecstatic delerium.

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Wish I'd seen your comment before watching this. Would have saved me about 2 hours...

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American is so nice for help the others. Excellent movie.

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This is one of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen.

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I totally agree. This one is in my top 3 of ridiculous films. What a waste of production money.

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you got it right!

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I really liked this movie! The cinematography was beautiful, the editing right on and Rinko Kikuchi perfect for the part.
Near the beginning, the sun rises and the music by The Octopus Project reminds me very much of the music in “2001, A Space Odyssey,” as Bowman travels across vast ...Read more

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Darkly comedic? I'd say, darkly depressing. Sorry I watched.

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An essay in bathos. Kinda awful.

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It got me hooked from the start.

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