La Femme et le TGV

La Femme et le TGV
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slow movie for the elderly

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This is very good. Jane Birkin, wow.

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loved it, took me away to that beautiful place!

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Perfect, embracing all the senses. I can taste the chocolate and smell the dust. Made my heart skip a beat.

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A beautiful uplifting movie filled with 'bonheur'. Jane is brilliant as always and what a beautiful location.

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Joyful. Highly recommended viewing. And wait until the very end to see the real peeps!

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Inspire d'evenements reals!

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Super sweet! Loved this: the narrative, the mise en scene, and Jane Birkin.

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Beaut movie!!! Great to see Jane Birkin again.

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Lovely role for Jane Birkin and a sweet little movie .

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In the last 10 seconds of the clip, after the credits, you see the actual conductor and the lady. That was a nice touch.

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Lyrical and lovely performance.

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Very nice movie

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Wow. It's great. Birkin is terrific.

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Absolutely lovely!

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