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La strada
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Like much great art, it has different facets of meaning. It is, yes, a story about poverty, about cruelty, about love, about loss. I didn't even like it when I first watched it, even though I had already seen 8 1/2 and thought it was genius. Thought this movie was overrated. Boring, kind of ...Read more

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I decided to watch this movie after reading all the positive comments. Highly recommend it!

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One of my favorites! Masina and Quinn are tremendous.

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Such a bleak, yet hauntingly beautiful work from Fellini. Highly recommended, though its certainly not for everyone.

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If you are, as I once was, a 16 year old looking for something to look forward to, alone again on a Friday night but incidentally just beginning to discover the artistic potential of cinema--watch out: the final moments of this film will wreck you. But then, it will certainly change you for ...Read more

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i am and i was

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My all time favorite. Wonderfully passionate.

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I thought this was a really interesting movie. This was a tragic love story movie. The black and white really emphasized the Italian realism; the poverty and the struggle to get by. I didn't mind the subtitles because I understand the Italian for the most part. But naturally this Italian is a ...Read more

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Quite a sad story, almost tragic in a sense. It reminded me a lot of Romeo and Juliet in a sense

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a movie that changes one

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One of the best movies ever made: sad, funny, sweet, life affirming, and tragic. Fellini shot this movie in beautiful black and white, in the gritty, naturalistic way developed by the Italian neo-realists. But inside this rough world lives a lyrical little person named Gelsomina, whose heart ...Read more

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One of the best films I have ever seen.

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Masterpiece! What a sad story.

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It doesn't get better than this folks

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I absolutely loved it.

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Yeah folks!

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So happy to be part of the Kanopy Family!! Your proud Los Angeles Public Library card holder!

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