The Language of Business

The Language of Business
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Running a Hostel
Running a hostel network with Alex Rivers
Running a Coffee Shop
Running a coffee shop with Max Dubiel
Running a Vintage Clothing Shop
Running a vintage clothing shop with Yasmine Akermark
Running a Gift Boutique
Running a gift boutique with Lulu Gwynne
Running a Tour Guiding Company
Running a tour guiding company with Konstantin Pinaev
Running a Pub
Running a pub with Darren Seager
Running a Chinaware Shop
Running a chinaware shop with Josie Firmin
Running a School
Running a school with Stuart Pollard
Running a Personal Training Company
Running a personal training company with Iain Grey
Running a Fitness Community
Running a fitness community with David Bissell
Running a Sewing Company
Running a sewing company with Andy Piccos
The Acting Industry
A glimpse inside the acting industry with Simon Walton
Running a Microbrewery
Running a microbrewery with Karl Durand O'Connor
Running a Maize Farm
Running a maize farm with David Mwanaka
Running a Mentoring Business
Running a mentoring business with Helene Panzarino
Running an MLM Business
Running an MLM business with Nataylia Roni
Running a Software Development Company
Running a software development company with Julian Tall

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a very nice series to learn about basic business english word

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